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I don't want biometrics unlock, and 16 character is a pain to type each time.

What I'd like; when unlocking the password will be asked, but it could be possible to enter the password using a QR Code using the pre-unlock camera mode. The password would still be the main way to unlock, the QR would just be an alternative.

Issue; my phone dont want to read a QR Code before unlocking (for obvious security reason).

Does anyone have an idea if it is even possible? If yes, where should I look?

I'm on a Xiaomi 13T Pro.

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I want to unlock bootloader using fastboot for GSI rom. I did everything but once i try to unlock it doesnt do anything. I run fastboot flashing unlock but it goes with: FAILED (remote: 'unknown command') fastboot: error: Command failed. I made sure the phone is connected to PC, i have enabled OEM unlock and USB debugging, i dont think im doing anything wrong. I tried the MIUI app, but it just doesnt send me the code. Any help?

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Hello to everybody!

I have a request and a question for you. I want to buy redmi note 13 pro+ 12/512 or Xiaomi 13t pro 12/256

I'm mainly interested in photos, so I'll have more than enough performance with both mobile phones, but the point is that the pro+ has 4x lossless zoom and the 13t pro only has 2x

At the same time, I am interested in night photos and their quality and daytime photos

if I'm not mistaken, the 13 pro+ has EIS and OIS stabilization, while the 13t pro doesn't, so ultimately I don't know which of these two mobile phones to choose for medium photography

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Xiaomi becomes 8th largest EV upstart in China after successful SU7 launch

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Hello, I need help to unlock my bootloader on Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G, I have had an active account on the Mi community for 400 days and I requested an unlock which was accepted until 2025, I waited 7 days but when I try to add my account in the developer options, a toast appears: "Your account is not authorized to unlock, please change another". I have only unlocked 2 devices with this account.

I also tried with another account more than a month old, this time it works but it's on the Mi Unlock software that I receive the same error.

PS : Sorry for my english , it's not my native langage

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I have had a Redmi Note 9, that I as very pleased with, so much so, that when the screen broke, I was happy to upgrade to the Redmi note 12 Pro+ G5!

I expected an upgrade to an already great phone (except for the forced ads and bloatware), but besides that, i felt that I was going from a middle range phone, to a newer and better phone within the series (based on all the"pro", "+" and "G5" that my previous did not have)

I must admit though, than now after I have been using it for a while I don't feel that it is a better phone. I love the super fast 120W charging but that is about all that I love with this phone...

In particular the camera is my greatest issue and the reason why I am looking for answers

On my Redmi Note 9, when I filmed video, it had an image stabilization that worked quite well. On Redmi Note 12, I can't see this. I film at 720 or 1080 with 30FPS, as this is the range that my Redmi Note 9 allowed images stabilization for.

I could make much better footage with the Note 9, than I can with the 12 Pro+ !

Anybody experienced the same, or maybe even have a fix for this?

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I am trying to change my ringtone for Task remainder application from notifications panel. On clicking choose from local ringtone it display me some black screen and on the top saying "Add Notification". Later I opened themes app and decided upload new ringtone for local ringtones by click "+" button on bottom right, then it says "Select Tone" with black screen again.

I uninstalled which broke my phone like I couldn't even select ringtone from locals too, and my phone keeps on asking to report bug when I was trying to change the ringtone.

I later restored it and even updated to latest version. And I even tried to change regions on my phone.

Can anyone help me with this situation?

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Does anybody else experience that Android activities get destroyed and rebuilt all the time when switching between apps?

Browser page gets reloaded and form values disappear.

Authorising a payment in different app can make the payment fail.

General bad experience when multitasking 3 apps and swapping between.

(I'm on Redmi Note 12 with HyperOS)

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If yes, any issues yet?

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Now you can control your water heater from your Xiaomi car 😆

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(MIUI 14.0.5 Xiaomi Redmi 10C country Hungary) So before the MIUI 14 update i had game turbo which is worked and was at the additional settings menu but after the update it doesn't show up anywhere

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I'm looking to replace my Garmin Vivoactive 4 and most likely with Xiaomi or Amazfit. I'm currently struggling with the dilemma, I've narrowed it down to the following: Redmi Watch 4 - cheapest option but reviews suggest buggy and not that accurate Xiaomi Watch S3 - reasonable cost, long battery life running HyperOS Xiaomi Watch 2 - the new one not the pro, runs WearOS so battery life not as good but overall more feature rich Amazfit GTR4 - must expensive and mixed reviews Anyone owning these watches with real world experience I'd love to hear your take on them.

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WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?!?! Xiaomi Redmi Pro 12

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My friend's Poco F3 suddenly was not able to make or receive calls. Data and SMS still works. She has been using the same phone and Kogan sim card since June 2022.

We tried restarting, updating to the latest MIUI 14, testing the sim card in another phone (worked), and another sim card from a different carrier in the Poco F3 (worked).

In the end the solution that fixed it was to disable VoLTE carrier check by entering the codes below into the Phone Dialer. You will most likely have to toggle Airplane mode to reconnect to your mobile network.

Disable VoLTE carrier check * # * # 86583 # * # *

Disable VoWIFI carrier check * # * # 869434 # * # *

I wanted to share this tip as I have come across several posts reporting the same issue.

You should see a little pop-up notification to confirm that the carrier check has been disabled. Two additional toggles will also appear under Settings > Sim card & mobile network > Your Sim card settings

This website has a list of other Xiaomi devices compatible with these codes.

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I read in some places some time ago that Xiaomi will be making things more difficult in the future. If updating to HyperOS will make things harder so I'll pass. If someone has recent experiences about this topic that would be appreciated

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  1. $179
  2. 64MP camera with OIS
  3. 3 android OS updates & 4 years of security updates.
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My grandfather has an old redmi note 9 pro which was slowing down so much and was having a lot of issues with call connectivity.

Outgoing calls won't connect and incoming calls would hangup automatically, so It was kind of impossible to use the phone for calls.

I unlocked the device and flashed a few roms based on android 13 and android 14, but all of them had the same issues with calls.

So if it is a hardware problem, will Xiaomi service centers accept it ?

Call recording (self.xiaomi)
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Hey, got new phone, new miui and i don't see "call recording" option, read somewhere that this is because i got a global version or something like that is there any way to bring it back?

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Chinese ROMs come without support for many languages. Even when using English there are still things which are in Chinese.

The people selling the devices on AliExpress are selling then with a "global rom". The issue here is that the rom doesn't exist officially. So no updates are available and you don't know what's actually inside it.

xiaomi.eu provide a modified version of the Chinese rom with language support and some other things. The issue is they charge for this through patreon for any mediatek devices. You have to keep paying if you want security updates. This is immoral and probably illegal as they don't own MIUI or Android and copyleft is designed to prevent this kind of thing.

To add insult to injury they started offering some mediatek roms for free. When people stopped paying the patreon they removed them from the download sites.

Shame on them and shame on the AliExpress sellers. If anyone knows a good course on building android roms and reverse engineering them let me know. Maybe I can fix this situation.

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Vlog feature (self.xiaomi)
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I have Redmi Note 12 Pro and I would like to have VLOG option inside my camera. Is there a way to install that feature? I tried to install/update camera to the latest 5.2 version, but it seems that version is incompatible. Do I need to root the phone?

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