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Looks like Elon finally forces x down everyone's throat and every twitter.com link redirects to x.com. (Funny enough I tried Firefox Nighty and there is no redirect so maybe this is random based on UA) Also I'm not 100% sure but enhanced tracking protection probably breaks x.com because there are still API calls to twitter.com under the hood, since those are different domains it just gets blocked. Solution is either twitter fixes their shitty code or Mozilla adds exception.

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No matter how old I get I still love watching Mob Psycho. When they released S3 I decided to rewatch S1 and S2 and it made me appreciate this show even more. Especially S2. Music, art, animations, character development, everything is just soo good. I'm still getting goosebumps while watching some fight scenes.

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I absolutely refuse to change time on any of my analog clocks. I hate daylight savings with passion.

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If translation layer can be banned with EULA how is wine not dead yet? M$ loves Linux or what?

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Well I like dogs but they certainly aren't angles

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This reminds me of the story about some old dude's dog that always shits on my neighbor's sidewalk. One day neighbor saw that and run to that guy with scary look on his face. He started scolding old guy that he should clean after his dog and old guy respond he's too old to do that, his back hurt and stuff. The dog saw the whole thing and in a shame he just ate his own shit so poor old man didn't have to clean it up.

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Didn't know you could run KDE on wind*ws :o

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I drive 25 years old car. It was pretty expensive when it was new so it has all the features I care about. I will not buy a new car until I'm forced to. Also the option to just turn on seats heating without having to pay monthly is quite a bonus.

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Well discord could offer P2P option with no limit...

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Hard to disagree but with internet we had back in the day it was hard to send large files with just about anything

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