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"in a song which has shot to the top of charts in Israel."

Tell me again about how the government and Hamas are the bad guys, and the Israeli people only want peace.

They're not listening to Matisyahu - One Day anymore that's for sure...

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Better bomb some civilians, snipe some little girls, ruin infrastructure, stop ambulances, and flood the sewers so those Palestinian scu.. I mean Hamas, can learn their place... There, justified.

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Running distance over time. I still can't run 5k without walking about 20% of the way.

And it's not going fast either, but I'm still proud of the progress. The data is keeping me going.

EDIT: Thanks for the support! The legs still don't want to do, what I want them to. But they will learn, who's the boss eventually.

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"You wont believe what my mother in law did."

We believe it.

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Nobody with enough money has sued... Yet...

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But he is part Palestinian... It's clearly antisemitic to not let them kill him.

Right? (lemmy.world)
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"Look the monsters are using human shield"

shoots human shield in the face

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I''m sure they will give the Palestinians access to water and electricity any time soon then...

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They could also take the Palestinians jewelry, gold crowns and fillings, and melt it into gold bars for the Israeli reich.

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But if anybody did it about them, it would be antisemitism and outrageous...

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There are a lot of animals in South Africa, that would like to try some american junk food.

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Good thing you guys learned from 2015 and not giving him 10x more press coverage than other candidates. No way that could go wrong. It's not like there is no such thing as bad publicity...

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