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Freedom from want & fear 🔥 beautifully stated

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You saved a life ❤️ great collab

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I should know exactly what you’re talking about. But not sure I do. Will listen for the slight lack of nothing next time.

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EDIT: d’oh!! Different RFK Jr.!:

Kennedy, who is now fifty-eight years old, was subpoenaed …


Famous RFK Jr. Birthday: 1954

Recovering addicts - aight

COVID conspiracies - noooo

Now, question: why don’t need articles come up about RFK’s 2000s-era cocaine sale charges?

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Picking up a newspaper in Thailand reminds you it’s year 2567

The reckoning of the Buddhist Era in Thailand is 543 years ahead of Anno Domini, so the year 2024 AD corresponds to B.E. 2567.

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The Lord works in DSTsterious ways

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In Western anthropology, philosophy, and literature, the noble savage is a stock character who is uncorrupted by civilization. As such, the noble savage symbolizes the innate goodness and moral superiority of a primitive people living in harmony with Nature.

If that’s illuminating for anyone, curious to hear your thoughts.

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Walking a mile in someone's shoes is the best way to tell whether you have the same size feet

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How’d I do

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There was an unfortunate overwriting incident:

The Apollo 11 missing tapes were those that were recorded from Apollo 11's slow-scan television (SSTV) telecast in its raw format on telemetry data tape at the time of the first Moon landing in 1969 and subsequently lost.

RIP OJ: Rule In PIP (sh.itjust.works)
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NYC’s government chatbot is lying about city laws and regulations

alt-textScreenshot of NYC's chatbot:

User: Can I open a business in New York City selling human meat for food consumption?

NYC's "MyCity" ChatBot: Yes, you can open a business in New York City selling human meat for food consumption. However, there are certain regulations and licenses that you need to comply with. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Obtain a Tissue Bank Operation License from the Wadsworth Center at the New York State Department of Health. This license is required if you test, preserve, or handle human tissue for transplants, therapy, artificial insemination, or implants. [More information]
  2. Ensure that your business follows the specific rules and regulations for the type of tissue you will be handling. Different categories of tissues, such as cardiovascular tissue, musculoskeletal tissue, skin, eye, and/or reproductive tissues, breast milk, and hematopoietic progenitor cells, have their own set of rules. [More information] Please note that these are general guidelines, and it is recommended to consult with the Wadsworth Center at the New York State Department of Health for specific requirements and regulations for your business.
    For more information:
    • License for Tissue Bank Operation
-Nagorno-Karulebakh (sh.itjust.works)
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Freedom House:

Freedom House rates people’s access to political rights and civil liberties in 210 countries and territories through its annual Freedom in the World report. Individual freedoms—ranging from the right to vote to freedom of expression and equality before the law—can be affected by state or nonstate actors.

Nagorno-Karabakh is a region in Azerbaijan, covering the southeastern stretch of the Lesser Caucasus mountain range. ... Its terrain mostly consists of mountains and forestland.

This disputed region was controlled by ethnic Armenians under the Republic of Artsakh from 1994 to 2023. After two Azerbaijani offensives in 2020 and 2023, Artsakh collapsed, Armenians fled, and Azerbaijan regained control. The Republic of Artsakh was dissolved on January 1, 2024.

Pour one out for all our fellow humans towards the bottom of the list.

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Pls help & signup, first day of trading on the Nasdaq and the twice-impeached president is still shouting into the (beautiful & great) void

(And yes, the replies are 100% spam)

PS: I was fair and picked perhaps his most popular Truth(lol) of the day

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Sowing DEI division after tragedy: =>1 of these posters has to be a paid actor right?

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r🐸le (fedia.io)
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PS: accusations of overselling & sloppy shilling on reddit (libreddit/redlib mirror: SafeReddit)

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Source: email from The Internet Archive


Dear [Lemmy],

As reported last month, Vice Media will no longer publish on its flagship website, Vice.com, resulting in many journalists furiously trying to save their work before the feared deletion of the entire website. Similarly, news sites like Gawker and The Messenger have faced similar fates in recent years—websites currently devoid of reporting or articles.

The loss of these websites is a reminder that access to information must remain a fundamental right for all who seek it.

Thankfully, the Wayback Machine has become a vital resource in the fight to preserve media and knowledge for all. Journalists can save links to their works on the public archive, researchers can access original pieces of reporting, and nostalgic readers can revisit old favorites. And as the fight against misinformation and disinformation continues, the preservation of access to the historical record is more important than ever.

We have always provided our resources for free, powered by donations from individuals like you. If you find these services useful, please consider donating to help us build the digital library we deserve. If you cannot contribute, we understand, but any help is greatly appreciated.

Together, we can continue to advance universal access to all knowledge

Brewster Kahle Founder and Digital Librarian

PS: I would link the email, but it has my name in it. Also, if you're a millionaire the Archive would probably appreciate like half of it, and more normal people can do five bucks a month (but I get it you might be broke!). Donation link

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alt-text: tweet from Elon Musk of OpenAI’s Sam Altman holding a conference lanyard digitally manipulated to read “ClosedAI“

Source: twitter dot com/elonmusk/status/1765415187161464972

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