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I think I finally have it all figured out. I was previously using corectrl to monitor and adjust the GPU but lact has so much more info and adjustment. I immediately saw the card flapping between clock speeds under load. I applied the only high clock speeds setting and that all stopped the voltage stayed constant. However and this is why I didn't realize with corectrl is that the card was now thermal throttling causing an undervolt condition. I went in cleaned out the dust bunny's, dislodged a sata cable from one of the fans and relocated some hard drives for more airflow. The card now runs at a toasty 85 under load which from my past amd experience is perfectly fine. Thank you for the help kind stranger.

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I've been running Manjaro for a a few years now and don't have very many gripes with the os opposed to some people that seem to hate it. The one major problem I have been battling is the random GPU resets under load for my 5600xt. Usually it's when I'm playing semi intense games but sometimes just while watching YouTube. I have seen some things online about power profiles and undercoating but I have not been able to solve it. My only thought now is that it's something with the mesa driver pack. I am wondering if I were to switch to a distro that supports the official amd drivers if it would be better. I saw pop's new cosmic which looks nice but probably won't be out for while so I'll probably just grab something Debian based with kde, I cannot stand gnome just personal preference. Wondering what peoples opinions are here on this subject.

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I remember back in college we would abuse the wall command on our shared Linux server so much that IT had to disable it

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Apparently in the newer versions the resolution is auto detected but I was able to change the pixel density to match my screens and it worked thanks for the help!

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So I did end up installing that and eventually got it working but I am having this issue where when I am in Google maps or waze I can not pan the map or open and map search or menus. I can still open the Android auto menu and switch apps etc just an issue with maps have you experienced this?

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So I have some random thrud party head unit in my car that I am pretty sure is just running a customized version of Android 9 and I am wanting to get Android auto working on it preferably wireless but I think it did come with a USB cable if I need it. I've seen a couple things online such as headunit reloaded but they have mixed reviews just wondering if anyone has tried anything similar with any success


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