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So I have some random thrud party head unit in my car that I am pretty sure is just running a customized version of Android 9 and I am wanting to get Android auto working on it preferably wireless but I think it did come with a USB cable if I need it. I've seen a couple things online such as headunit reloaded but they have mixed reviews just wondering if anyone has tried anything similar with any success

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I use this app to have an updated version on my head unit. It's paid, but it's super worth it. Don't use the trial version, it hasn't been updated in years. If it doesn't work for you just refund it.

(Just realized you mentioned it in your main post, can confirm it works great for me!)

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So I did end up installing that and eventually got it working but I am having this issue where when I am in Google maps or waze I can not pan the map or open and map search or menus. I can still open the Android auto menu and switch apps etc just an issue with maps have you experienced this?

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I had this when I had the resolution set wrong, it'll take anything as input but make sure it matches your tablet screen.If that doesn't work, drop a line on the XDA forums, the dev is active on there (go to the support section in the app for a link)

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Apparently in the newer versions the resolution is auto detected but I was able to change the pixel density to match my screens and it worked thanks for the help!

[-] [email protected] 1 points 3 months ago

Awesome! Glad it's working!

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