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NIST is mentioned

confused and angry screaming

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She's a multi-billionaire. I say she can keep the struggle with her body image.

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Yeah, that is true, he did it too. I've just noticed in all the other videos I've seen it's been policewomen.

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Okay, Diogenes, calm down.

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This is just a Cumtown bit

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Maybe the chain was built on that, but my local Hooters was amazing when I was in highschool. My friends and I would go there exclusively for the 12-15 dollar all you can eat wings on Wednesdays. They were amazing.

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What's the issue? Get a ton of federal agents, march on the border, arrest all obstructing Texas shitheads and beat them down with the book. Make examples out of them.

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Imagine needing spying accountability software to not watch gay porn. These weird homophobes really are the gayest of them all.

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Bro's mad because his grandpappy is buried there 💀

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How the fuck does this guy keep finding ways to make the worst decisions possible?

Me🐍irl (lemmy.world)
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Sevilla Station (lemmy.world)
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Quick photo I managed to capture as we were leaving the Sevilla train station, headed into the blistering heat of last summer.

Sevilla was a spectacular city, full of history, culture, and honey-sweet moments.

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Mugshot merchandise being sold by him is insane. I hate this timeline.

Me🎎irl (lemmy.world)
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Me_irl (lemmy.world)
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An archway in Castillo de Gibralfaro, a spectacular hillside castle in Málaga.

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The ever vibrant Plaza Mayor near sunset.

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