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The uss liberty incident didn’t have the real time eyes that the public has in Gaza.

They won’t put troops on the ground because they don’t trust IDF to not fuck that up, but if they did…

there is zero way that it’d be as contained as the Liberty was (we’re all gonna know about it roughly five minutes after it happened,) and no way that Biden won’t be forced to respond- aggressively- when everystarts blasting videos of IDF missiles hitting American marines/sailors/soldiers/airforce.

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thrift store clothing

Not to mention if you get hit with OC spray, you’re not going to want to keep them anyhow. That shit is meant to get into and onto anything you touch. Getting it out again, is a pain in the ass.

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The primary…. Doesn’t elect a president.

So… nice try.

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Not to mention, it’s entirely on Biden. He’s the one who tells the UN ambassador to veto or how to vote for whatever.

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Well… no.

But we should. Or at least, something… I dunno.

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That would change overnight if we had personel getting pasted by IDF while dropping off supplies.

One of the big differences between now and USS Liberty is by how much coverage these things get. It would be hard to keep it out of the media.

Besides which, LCACs have been used before in exactly this role. (They’re hovercraft designed to drop off tanks in a beach. IIRC, they were used in Africa?)

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I agree that it is difficult to draw specific conclusions from- or rather, unwise to try.

But it is equally unwise to ignore the general signs. Which to me, say Biden is in trouble.

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Like I said….


Your behavior won’t achieve your goals. Neither will insults.

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It’s funny that you find that argument… persuasive.

Also very telling.

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Bring in some USMC LCACs drive it right on up the beach.

And fucking dare Israel to.

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Because Putin owns him. I thought that was obvious.

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Because Trump wins as long as you don't "get it done". Stop acting like the turnip is a rational actor motivated by what's best for the country. He's not.

Also... we don't need "tough" border control. We need more immigration judges and resources for courts so they can process people faster, get immigrants and migrants seeking asylum processed and legal faster; so they're in and out of the system and productive members. we need a legal and effecient path to citizenship. (or at least, green cards/work visas.)

Loaf. (lemmy.world)
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Mamma loafing around with the minions. (~~one is behind her, to the front, the other is behind and to her tail.~~)(edit: those are snacks,)

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Gotta ask, what kinda candy was she making? Soft crack. Hard crack. Pot….

Even has the donuts on there for, you know, dealing with the munchies.

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so drop 'em if you got 'em

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Double, double Toil and Trouble; Fire burn and Cauldron boil.
and the finished soup:

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Okay, so I was making chicken soup from stock I had made using a (lightly,) browned carcus and neck. just before dumping the the dumplings into it, the stock's color was a nice light brown. I added about 1/4 cup of lemon juice, turned my back for 30 seconds after a stir and it turned it an almost milky-off white. Eventually it deepened to this:

It's delicious, and tastes as expected, I'm just curious as to what happened in the broth's chemistry?

Seasoned with salt (duh), a sprig of thyme, some ginger and garlic, (just a hint of ginger,) black pepper, lemon zest (which was added with the torn chicken,) and white wine deglazed the pot from browning the dark meat.

The stock was from garlic, onion, celery, carrot and maybe ginger scraps cooked with the chicken carcass..

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Due to reasons... I've "adopted" a CR10s that a friend had bought. It was used, and was already well on it's way to being a janky Printer of Theseus. My hope is to get it up and running and put through it's paces before the holidays so I can give it back as a gift.

With the linear rail upgrades, I picked up the hardware and it's on it's way; which got me looking at how to do the upgrade, which I have mostly figured out; the question I'm having is, most upgrades seem to place the rails on 2020 extrusions sitting on top of the base frame- same as how the original y axis 2040's were designed.

Which raises the question- why not lower it so the 2020 rails are even with the frame, with the mgn12 rail sitting on top? Like so:

The short answer I came to is this would necessitate replacing the brackets for the y stepper motor and it's idler; but it should be possible. the easiest solution would be something like:

which raises the question: are printed parts rigid enough to hold against the tension on the belts? The motors can't handle too much tension anyhow, and the printer already has the screw-cap tensioners for x and y printed that seem to have been holding up well.

has anybody replaced the OG metal bracket on the back? does it stress and need replacing often, or is it fairly reliable (and above all, consistent,)

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I mean, like incompetent. For the record those organs I just stole? literally on the desk in front of him. Time to hike on over and sell it. To the Trade Authority.... all 20 feet away...

(this was in the UC security in the Well, new atlantis)

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Which do you use and why? Which one gets it cleaner. If it matters we have “real” winters here, meaning snow cruft and salt that absolutely must be removed.

Edit to clarify: I’m talking about a choice in automated car washes- not hand washing cars. Seems people are getting confused. Touchless is a few passes with a pressure washer. Soft touch adds spinning car-wash brush things.

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Lockouts save lives

Usually idiots, but sometimes we’re all idiots.

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Okay, so, with structural modules- specifically the cowl/belly/hull modules you can slap in... aside from the trivial gains to hull, are they basically just for attachment points/decoration?

could i protect things that can be targeted- the weapons, shields, engines, and grav drive- by placing 'under' hull components? or does that just not matter?

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19 individuals including Trump, 41 charges, 98 pages.

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