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I think the hope is more … meta.

Science fiction is a brand of speculative fiction- it’s fundamentally asking “what if”. The darker side of sci-fi is a warning, and the hope is we pay attention.

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But you just wrote a long, detailed, passionate defense of being stupid.

You didn’t read a single thing in the comment, did you? Or are you just trying to be a troll?

I see people are passionate about Biden, but their methods are doing more harm than good. You’ve not persuaded me in any way to vote for Biden.

Or the idea that Biden for some reason decides to not listen to his constituents.

The people he’s ignoring:




The people he’s listening to:




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Underwear: one per day plus 2 for contingencies, unfolded because I’m a monster.

Socks: 1 pair per day, one for contingencies. Unmatched, because they’re all the same anyhow.

2 pairs of pants and 1 pair of gym shorts. Possibly board shorts for swimming.

1 shirt (white or printed,) per day. At most 3 button downs.

Rainshell if summer, winter jacket plus layers if not.

Phone number for a local laundry service if it’s more than a week,

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I didn’t say you, I said “people screaming” about old. But you are screaming about charisma.


Funny because I think it’s the other way around, people screaming “but but but charisma! But but but old!”

I thought maybe it was someone else I just told but no it’s you. These are the supposed logical people waiting for the supposed logical platform. But no, they want emotions. Notice that doesn’t add up?

And you’re still trying to sneak it in. Biden is just fine charismatically.

-Also you. (emphasis is mine, though.)

Also, that's not at all what I'm trying to do and if you've been reading my comment you would know that. What the "he's not charismatic" complaint really boils down to is "I'm not motivated to vote for him." him actually being charismatic or not is not the issue. the issue is, he's not engaging voters and motivating them to vote for him; and neither is his campaign.

as for emotions... what I'm trying to tell you is, that people make emotional decisions. You have to engage on an emotional level., specifically:

However, emotions have value. It appears that without emotions to motivate and push us, we would be passive and do nothing. Decisions are very much informed by our emotional state since this is what emotions are designed to do. Emotions quickly condense an experience, and evaluate it to inform our decision, so we can rapidly respond to the situation.

While emotions serve to direct us, they are driven by our automatic survival nature. As such, most of the time emotions communicate their messages below our level of awareness. It is important to note that because of their speed and survival purpose, emotions are not particularly accurate. Their speed and effectiveness compensate for what they lack in being specific and detailed. This is why the emotional system provides many false alarms, which requires us to reevaluate our response and check if it is appropriate to the particular situation.

(Emphasis mine,)
It's quite literally hardwired into our brain to be emotional. It's a matter of survival; your stress responses are keyed to force quick decisions- and frequently unconscious ones. "Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn". When you come in hot, demanding we vote a certain way, you're triggering an emotional reaction- and it's not a happy one.

Even the most rationally-minded people in the world are still fighting an uphill battle against emotions. As a person whose entire career is researching this, and how to manipulate us into making a bad decision says: "The human brain has essentially evolved to feel first and think next,"and in that article, Carolyn also says:

The ability to think can override the emotional state. The more you spend time thinking and bring your cognitive processes to bear ... you have a shot at basically saying, 'No, I think I'm going to pass,' even though that wasn't your first inclination.

Sure, that articles is about not getting suckered on a black friday sale, but persuading people to a vote a certain way is the same science.

Abortion is an easy point for Democrats because it's inherently emotional, right? When we talk about women having ectopic pregnancies, people aren't talking about it with clinical sterility. they're talking about pain, and fear, and hurt. And when you're talking about women dying, the people you're talking to aren't seeing statistics, they're hearing the pain and the fear; and they're seeing their wives, their mothers, sisters, or themselves; and that hits all sorts of emotions.

It's evocative. It's poignant. you can unprime prior emotions about it; by asking open questions. The goal isn't to immediately get an agreement, it might take days, or months. It took my parents years to break the religious brainwashing about it... but by using open questions to get them thinking about it, rather than feeling about it, eventually they came around. More to it, questions can provide emotional priming to encourage a desired decision while you provide the relevant evidence to support that decision. That, is how you influence people.

The Bernie and Obama campaigns understood this. Take a look at the style differences.

Obama was all about Hope and Change, and fighting for it. He gave people hope, and promised to work to a brighter future. Hope is probably one of the most potent emotions out there. Just a little can topple empires. Bernie's campaign was downright authentic. He cared, he gave people a sense of... something I've only seen from 2 other Boomers in my life. (okay, so Bernie is not a boomer, he's silent generation.) He made us feel powerful and heard. And he promised- and not just a bullshit promise- to help, and empowered us to seek change.

The vast majority of my interactions with boomers... is condescension, authoritarianism and straight up bullshit. Most everyone who is in that generation fights an uphill battle with me. Because of that. It triggers an emotional response. that emotional response gets stronger when they fail to respect that I'm a fucking adult and can make rational choices. It then gets even stronger when they get angry and start shouting. basically, by the time we get to that point, I'm no where near a place where I can even hear what they're saying.

Now, compare the Hillary campaign. Entitlement. Arrogance. Bullshit. Condescension. I remember a conversation with one of her organizers here.... the gist of the conversation was basically that I was sexist because I liked Bernie better. yup. very persuasive.

Motivating people to vote for biden isn't about fear mongering, we know trump is bad. we know he's awful, corrupt, stupid, and a raging fucking fascist. We don't need to be told that. we don't need to be told that he's going to kill everyone who doesn't agree with him- Trump tells us that enough on his own.

It's about getting them excited to vote for Biden. Biden himself could be a limp noodle. but somebody coming in, saying 'hey I know it's rough, but here's what I'm doing to help, and can you maybe help?" would be powerful. "Hey, I'm trying to get [something useful] done in congress... can you call your representatives? your senators? can you help me get [something useful] done?" or even "HEY! so I'm trying to do [something useful], do you have any ideas how we can get [people on board]" Or... I know it's daring, actually listening to what we have to say about things.

"Why do you think we shouldn't support Israel?" and then actually listen to the answers. (I mean, it's pretty fucking obvious, but apparently that one's gone over his head.)

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Multiple times, in multiple states!

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to be honest, I'm not convicd Biden is not also fascist. look at his Immigration policies. How he supports Israel's genocide. Sure, Trump is vastly more fascistic than Biden, no question there... but "lesser of two evils" bullshit is exactly how we got in this mess.

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This you?

Your approach isn't working. It never works. Because all it does is makes people more defensive, and it divides the DNC even further. it just makes me roll my eyes and think "okay, boomer, time to change your diapers again." And yes. I know that's totally ageist of me, but frankly, at this point, I'm tired of it.

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How much does one need to appeal to emotions.

you haven't been paying attention, have you? the entire republican platform is an appeal to their emotions. It's why it's successful. appeals to emotion are vastly more successful than appeals to logic or reason, even if they're wrong. Our brains are literally hardwired to consider emotion before reason, to react on emotion before logic; and triggering the emotional response to manipulate people is an entire field of science in neuropsychology. (and probably one of the best funded areas of research...)

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"This is why we like him, and will drop millions in dark money.', they added."

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Happened to Al Gore, he tried to move left after hopefully the population warmed up with Bill Clinton.

Gore didn't lose. had a proper recount been done (including the overvotes,) Gore probably would have won. SCOTUS intervened and stopped recount of the undervotes and Gore never pushed for recounts of the overvotes (which should have been recounted anyhow by florida state law.)

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Like. lets talk about what happened.

it's reasonable to claim that Gore actually won in 2000. There were sixty one thousand votes that had not been machine-counted because of rampant, clearly partisan, bullshit reasons (among them "hanging chad",). the Florida Supreme Court ordered a manual count of those ballots with SCOTUS, lead by Scalia, decided to stay because the recount would give Bush a veneer of "illegitimacy". (gee. wonder why, ya fucking partisan hack.) To be perfectly clear, Gore lost Florida (and the electoral college) by 570 votes. The decision in Bush V. Gore to stay the manual recount basically handed Bush the win. (and, I might add, cast doubt on the legitimacy of bush's win. it was handed by a court that had no business ordering that stay. But did anyway, because they're partisan hacks. I'm not angry, honest.)

Kerry flip-flopped more than a fish out of water, making it hard for independents and centrists to know what his positions actually were. 2 years prior to the election he was, for example, staunchly against gay marriage (and lets be honest, the US was very hostile to gay marriage then. There's been a massive sea change in that, but it hadn't happened yet.), but in 2004 signed a letter urging Massachusetts to not outlaw gay marriage. Further, he had the personality of a cold fish. and his running mate was an empty suit with nothing to back it up- who couldn't even deliver his home State of North Carolina.... In short, you had a couple warm bodies running. At the time, Bush was still riding high off 9/11 and the Iraq war and americans were still angry at that; the war wasn't unpopular yet. Katrina hadn't happened yet, and Bush was still reasonably popular. So, of fucking course Kerry lost.

Hillary. Where do we begin? her emails? lets start there.

Sure, "HeR EmAiLs" and "LoCk HeR uP" is an idiotic rallying cry of MAGA morons everywhere. But, even so, she conducted official Sec of State business on a personal email routinely. It's such a great rallying cry because it actually has some teeth. it should be scandalous. Even if she was perfectly not-at-all-corrupt, it looks that way. I- and most everyone else- would be legitimately fired for conducting that level of business off a personal email. it should be 100% unacceptable. Not saying she should have been locked up or grilled the way she was. But seriously. It looked bad. and it played in the news.

Then we got Benghazi. an American ambassador died in a terrorist attack. There's some things that hindsight says they could have done differently. Republicans latched onto it for political theater, with 10 different investigations and multiple sessions of grilling Clinton, who even then was the presumptive nominee to replace Obama. there was some funding that her office denied, she might not even have been aware that "she" denied it. Hindsight's a bitch. Anyhow... the republican shenanigans played well in the media.

Oh. "Super Criminals". Hillary was very unpopular with minority voters- particularly Black and Latinos. sound clips calling for law-and-order tough-on-crime calling black people "super criminals" didn't help. there was a lot there, especially with her attitude, but in the end they simply didn't show up for her. Even if you look at women voters, she under-performed compared to Obamma. (i mean, he looks mighty fine in a tan suit... sorry, sorry. couldn't resist.) Like, how unpopular do you have to be as a woman, to lose women voters from Obama's election, when you're running against Donald- "grab them by the pussy", "When you're that rich they let you do it", "Octopus-Arms" -Trump.

Lets also talk about how she boosted trump specifically because he was "a clown" or whatever. She gave us trump and then proceededly arrogantly not campaign in key states.

oh, and there's more that I just don't have time to get into... but we got Whitewater, Travelgate, filegate; and shit rolls down hill so lets toss in Paula Jones and Monika Lewinsky scandals. Like there's a lot of smoke there, and there might be a couple fires, or maybe they're just really not that corrupt as people and it's all a big missunderstanding. but again, that plays in the media, and it looks bad. Hilary was the definition of The Establishment™️ running against an anti-establismhent candidate. Of fucking course she's gonna lose, and she really didn't help matters by fucking around with not campaigning in key swing states because, "naw, it's fucking trump".

Yup. so aside from Gore, there's really rather good reasons to have not liked them, and the DNC idiots thought they new better and ran them anyhow... and we got fucked because of it. blaming voters for your own stupid blunders seems to be a DNC favorite. And they're doing it again.

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Two arrested, including 71-year-old man, for allegedly stealing almost 3,000 boxes of LEGOs

Hooo? (mander.xyz)

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Saw this going to a friend’s house- they bagged the fire hydrants….one thought was snow; but this is the first year apparently. And snow has been a mild issue this year compared to most.

It's spring, dammit (lemmy.world)

Snow on Thursday.

Loaf. (lemmy.world)
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Mamma loafing around with the minions. (~~one is behind her, to the front, the other is behind and to her tail.~~)(edit: those are snacks,)

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Gotta ask, what kinda candy was she making? Soft crack. Hard crack. Pot….

Even has the donuts on there for, you know, dealing with the munchies.

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so drop 'em if you got 'em

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Double, double Toil and Trouble; Fire burn and Cauldron boil.
and the finished soup:

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Okay, so I was making chicken soup from stock I had made using a (lightly,) browned carcus and neck. just before dumping the the dumplings into it, the stock's color was a nice light brown. I added about 1/4 cup of lemon juice, turned my back for 30 seconds after a stir and it turned it an almost milky-off white. Eventually it deepened to this:

It's delicious, and tastes as expected, I'm just curious as to what happened in the broth's chemistry?

Seasoned with salt (duh), a sprig of thyme, some ginger and garlic, (just a hint of ginger,) black pepper, lemon zest (which was added with the torn chicken,) and white wine deglazed the pot from browning the dark meat.

The stock was from garlic, onion, celery, carrot and maybe ginger scraps cooked with the chicken carcass..


Due to reasons... I've "adopted" a CR10s that a friend had bought. It was used, and was already well on it's way to being a janky Printer of Theseus. My hope is to get it up and running and put through it's paces before the holidays so I can give it back as a gift.

With the linear rail upgrades, I picked up the hardware and it's on it's way; which got me looking at how to do the upgrade, which I have mostly figured out; the question I'm having is, most upgrades seem to place the rails on 2020 extrusions sitting on top of the base frame- same as how the original y axis 2040's were designed.

Which raises the question- why not lower it so the 2020 rails are even with the frame, with the mgn12 rail sitting on top? Like so:

The short answer I came to is this would necessitate replacing the brackets for the y stepper motor and it's idler; but it should be possible. the easiest solution would be something like:

which raises the question: are printed parts rigid enough to hold against the tension on the belts? The motors can't handle too much tension anyhow, and the printer already has the screw-cap tensioners for x and y printed that seem to have been holding up well.

has anybody replaced the OG metal bracket on the back? does it stress and need replacing often, or is it fairly reliable (and above all, consistent,)

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I mean, like incompetent. For the record those organs I just stole? literally on the desk in front of him. Time to hike on over and sell it. To the Trade Authority.... all 20 feet away...

(this was in the UC security in the Well, new atlantis)

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