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I really needed to see this. Thanks dude !

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Yess!! Love these

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Really nice :)

An older trans woman has been working as an aid for voting when it's election year in my area ever since I was a kid, she's super nice and I always look forward to meeting her.

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I didn't know 50yo was elder status 😬 all of the sudden I'm 5 years away from elder status?! Well then.

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50 really isn't that old nowadays, but in this context it is given the aids crisis and suicide rates and all of that.

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I think the AIDs crisis of the mid to late 80s is seen as the line. I'm a few years older than you, but not yet 50, and even though I wasn't active in queer communities during that period, the horror stories on the media were enough to scar me for life, and keep me closeted for decades.

But those who lived in that period whilst moving in queer communities? They're the ones who often didn't make it.

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Very inspiring!

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