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[-] Num10ck@lemmy.world 7 points 5 days ago

a sandcrawler that vends pasta would be an awesome food truck robot

[-] tabris@lemmy.world 6 points 5 days ago

Zucchini rotini!

[-] casmael@lemm.ee 5 points 5 days ago

So that’s what he meant I always thought he said power converters but it must have been pasta converters 🫨

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Star Wars Memes

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Hello there. Somehow, Star Wars memes have returned. It's not a trap, this is where the fun begins.

Technical note: if you're coming from another star system and are getting a "Subscription pending" message when trying to dock, that's just the console being slow to display the right message. The connection is already established. (Probably.)



Do not post the "good friend" or similar copypasta


Special days!

Friday and weekends: Caption contest. An image will be pinned, and we shall make captions for it and post them in the comments.

Wednesday: Theme day. We have Droids day, EU day, poem day, aliens day... Let the pinned post guide you. Memes with the theme are preferred.


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Our galactic citizens have requested more specific rules, so here are a few.

The general idea is, if you're looking here for rules, you're probably someone who doesn't need to have them spelled out. You're fine. But anyway:

  1. This is a community for Star Wars memes. This means typically screenshots of Star Wars media with some text or context that's meant to be funny and/or thoughtful. All SW media is welcome: movies, games, comic books, fanart... Other kinds of content, like video links or meta memes (about this community, or Lemmy), are fine as well, just keep it on topic.

  2. We are all friends here, and love (sometimes love to hate) Star Wars. Be nice to each other.

  3. As fans of fictional media, we can be passionate. If you very strongly disagree with something or someone, take a deep breath before reacting. Anger leads to the dark side!

  4. Everything in Star Wars has happened a long time ago, in a galaxy far away, and it's a rich universe of millions of words and millions of years of history. So current Earthly matters really shouldn't concern us here. In other words, leave politics, philosophies and convictions behind the door. This applies even if it's about something related to Star Wars.

  5. Original content is preferred. Reposts are fine, just please limit to a maximum of 3 per day, per citizen. It is recommended, but not required, to mark original memes as (OC) and reposts as (repost).

  6. Local mods are the Jedi council. They may take actions that are necessary to maintain peace and stability of the Republic, even beyond the rules outlined here. Follow their guidance.

  7. Regular rules of the Lemmy.world instance apply.

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