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Hello everyone!

I have some good news! Eternity has finally been added to the main F-Droid repo. I've managed to get reproducible builds working, so this version is the same as the one on Codeberg (but verified by F-droid).

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Hello everyone!

It's been some time since our last update. As the version number indicates, this is primarily a bugfix update; hence, it doesn’t bring the "big new feature" I had hoped to introduce. The most important change here is that this version of Eternity will be compatible with the upcoming Lemmy version 0.19.

It's worth noting that upon upgrading to this version, you may need to log out and then log back into your account, based on my experience.

For the next release, I want to address more of the common issues found in our bug tracker. So, there may be another minor update shortly, but I can't make any promises at the moment. I've also made some progress with multi-community support and I plan to introduce modding tools as well.

In the meantime, thank you so much for your continued support.

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I wish I could donate ONE TIME to Eternity dev so he know that there's still people that love his work, but the only platform to donate that I found in Eternity's Codebers is Liberapay which I couldn't find an "one time" donation, just subscriptions (weekly, monthly or yearly) and yeah, there's "manual renewal" but I don't want to have reminders of my one time donation.

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According to the Eternity Codeberg, the last change in the Eternity code was a month ago which is relatively recent, can anyone who is using the Nightly version confirm if there is anything new in that version?

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Hey, folks, I just got a new phone, and reinstalled Eternity on it. But no matter which account I try to log in with, I'm getting an error ("cannot fetch user info") when I try to log in.

Any help is much appreciated. I'm not sure if eternity is on the play store, but I got it through f droid if that matters.

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Only found this one instance of the bug so far. Correct image is displayed when clicking into the post. Attached links with screenshots.

https://take-me-to.space/yd5FFmqy.jpg https://take-me-to.space/Tb8PAwG6.jpg

Using Version 0.1.2. Installed through F-Droid.

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Is this app dead? (lemmings.world)
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Looks like the last commit that's not a translation was 3 months ago, latest release was half a year ago.

Changing Background Colors (lemmyunchained.net)

Is there a way to change the background color of the menu that pops up when you select the three stacked dots in the top right?

Filters (lemmy.ml)
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Does anybody have a guide to using filters? I've tried to set them up for specific words and instances but none of them have worked.

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Hello devs!

Just a little input from me: when we're showing specific comment (like from profile or from inbox), it would be nicer to be able to show just the parent comment for context, instead of showing the whole thing (only to have the user look for it).

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I have noticed some posts here lamenting Eternity falling behind in development, the last substantial release 5 months old.

However, the last post by the developer was last month, so I do not believe it has been abandoned, I think they just got busy with other things, and will hopefully return someday when they have the time.

But I think it appropriate to emphasize that Eternity is open-source software, given to us for free and out of good will of the developer, Bazsalanszky. I think now would be a good time to show him our appreciation for the work he did in gifting us with one of the finest apps on the lemmyverse, and to return his goodwill.

If you have the means, the developer has a librapay account where you can donate a small sum of your choosing. As a point of comparison, Boost for Lemmy (a closed source app with trackers) charges $3.99 to remove ads (Eternity has never had ads).

If you don't have the means to donate, I'm sure Bazsalanszky would appreciate a kind message instead. :)

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Since a few days I've not been able to see my up votes. If I go to my profile, I see the sum total of my comments and of my posts, but next to them I see two zeros.

This seemed to coincide with the Lemmy.World update.

I logged out and back in more than once, but it doesn't change this issue.

Has this happened to anyone else? If so, how did you fix it?

Thanks anyways for reading this

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I think we are alone

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I'm on Samsung Galaxy A32 4G.



The post has 6 up- and 4 downvotes. On the homepage I only see the upvotes, not the sum of both. I can only see the downvotes when I open the post.

edit: extra info: 1000007508

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Update: at the recommendation of others, I logged out and back in again. Seems to be working!

Loving Eternity, thanks devs for all your work!

Lemmy.world updated today to 0.19.3, I think? Since then, I can load posts, but I can't vote, comment, or create new posts. When I attempt to do any of those, an empty toast bubble shows up, and that's it.

Anyone else experiencing the same?

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Hi, I get this message every time I tap on a pop-up notification from eternity on my phone. Does anyone else get this error or know what could be the cause?

Samsung galaxy s10E running Android 12

Eternity version 0.1.2

Eternity Nightly works surprisingly well (bazsalanszky.codeberg.page)
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If you're like me and don't want to wait for long awaited features like scaled sorting, try the nightly version. It installs as a separate app next to Eternity stable. So in case it crashes you can always go back to stable.

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I'm unable to load my own profile in Eternity. Having this issue across multiple accounts. Tapping "Profile" in the sidebar brings up my profile but it's empty, no posts load. Anyone know how to fix?

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Eternity hasn't been updated in 4 months, in that time Lemmy itself got some really nice features like scaled sorting and instance blocking, but that's not something that we can do yet since there haven't been any updates

If the current developer simply doesn't have the time to put out updates, that's alright, I want to know if there are any actively updated forks because Eternity is otherwise an absolutely killer app, I adore the customization especially!

Unless there's a big update on the horizon, and afterwards updates become more regular and implement new technologies officially supported by Lemmy, in which case it'd be nice to have regular betas released publicly (I'm actually part of the apps beta program on google play, but that hasn't been updated either) or otherwise posted about on the main sublemmy

I've met a couple other Eternity users in the wild recently, and our consensus is the same: We like the app, alot, but wish it was updated every now and then

If there aren't any updates soon, and development will stay at this silent pace, then I'll probably just try out and use the other foss apps out there

Whatever the case, I still thank the eternity devs for what they do!

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Eg: (NSFW) https://discuss.tchncs.de/post/10716557

The post shows up static while it animates in a browser.

The browser downloads a webp, while the app gets jpgs.

Crosspost test (sh.itjust.works)
issues logging in (self.eternityapp)
submitted 3 months ago by xfc to c/eternityapp

I'm having issues logging into the lemdroid instance since it updated. Not sure if the issue is with the app or the site but posting to see if anyone else is having issues?

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