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I always see "this doesn't work, why?" posts, it's the first time I see a "this works, why?" post XD

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"esse montà 'n sle bije quadre", and the literal translation in italian is "essere montato sulle biglie (cuscinetti a sfera) quadre"

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In Piedmontese (northern Italian dialect):

"To be mounted over squared ball bearing" = to be really strange, not as other people

"Horse brand" = a product of an unknown low quality brand

"To beat the goat" = throw a tantrum

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Ho taggato tutte le mie foto con digikam, quindi ogni immagine ha dei tag "cani", "viaggi" ecc, e quando voglio trovare una foto in particolare invece di dover scorrere tutte le immagini sperando di ricordarmi bene la data di quando è stata scattata, posso filtrare per tags e trovare la foto che cerco molto più velocemente. Purtroppo non ho ancora trovato una soluzione selfhosted che mi permetta una ricerca di questo tipo

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Sembra molto interessante! Supporta tag EXIF per la ricerca tra le immagini?

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Will this change something for italian pirates?

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Bits together weak

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Uhm, cool I guess. Why should we use this? Does it have any advantage over classical displays?

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Go to settings to activate KDE

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Hello! I'll try to explain what I'm looking for: I sometimes have to write simple web pages (not just text, also buttons and video players and so on), but I really really hate writing html code. What I'm used to is QML, which I like a lot, because of the ease of placing objects exactly where I need using the anchors and the Layout objects. What I'm looking for is a language or something with a similar syntax, that can then be "built" to plain HTML/CSS/JS. Is there something like this? I know I can compile Qt/QML for webassembly, but I'm having huge amounts of problems, and also I'd like to have the possibility to have a plain HTML result, not necessary bind to the server side.

thanks in advance!!

Anyone selfhosting RSSHub? (lemmy.kde.social)
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Hello! I'd like to follow some niche meme pages on instagram with my RSS reader app (feeder), and found out about RSSHub that seems exactly what I need. However, I tried using some of the public instances and except for the first time after requesting an RSS feed, it got rate limited and completely blocked. Does self hosting it solve the problem? Is any of you using it reliably?

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Hello! Today I learned about the existence of LibreY, and the project seems very interesting. I was wondering, how does it compare with SearXNG? which one is easier to self host, and which one is lighter on resource usage? Which one gets rate-limited less? I'm particolary interested in opinions of people who used both

Thanks in advance!

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Hello fellow pirates! I'm tired of having all the telegram premium ads and antifeatures in the client and I'm looking for a client that removed them even if it's against the TOS. Any tips? I'd rather use an actual open source fork than a cracked version of the original

I'm looking for both Android and Desktop (Linux)

What I want is to remove the hateful ads in the channels and the "buy premium to unlock these emojis", and also to be able to arrange the folders in whatever order I like, without being forced to keep the "All messages" as first

thanks in advance!

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Hello! I just came across Presearch, and it looks very interesting to me. If I understand correctly, at the moment it's just another metasearch engine, but they say they're planning to add their own index. How would a distributed search engine index work? Opinions on this?

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Hello! I know this is probably not piracy, but I think that this community is the best one to ask this. I'd like to stream live TV on my jellyfin server, and in the future perhaps try to implement a way to silence the audio during ads, but I want to start a step at a time: Before going in jellyfin, let's try with VLC that is easier. The live stream I'm trying to stream is taken from raiplay, the official website of RAI, the main italian tv station. I ignorantly just downloaded all the 4 .m3u8 files with this extension and, one at a time, I tried to open them with VLC, but all I obtained was VLC loading forever. What's going on? did I missed something important?

[if you know of better ways to do this, any recommendation is welcome!]

thanks in advance!

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Hello everybody! I just learned that I can get a free .eu.org domain, but I'm not sure I understand the domain creation process. Any of you has one?

I'm unsure what should I write in the "name server" section:


Hate when it happens (lemmy.kde.social)
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submitted 1 month ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

Hello! I'm trying to sign up to itatorrent.xyz but after typing username, mail and password, I get a "capcha error". Do any of you managed to sign up?

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Hello! I'm still not satisfied with my note taking app. I tried dozen of them, read tons of lists on random blogs on the internet, without any success. I'll try to ask you then.

I'm looking for a note taking app with just this 3 features:

  • richtext/WYSIWYG (i don't want to write plain text and then press a button to see it rendered)
  • it has to support CHECKBOXES! Most of the apps I tried does not support them, or supported them only if all the note was a checklist. I don't want a checklist, I want a note where I can put some checkbox inside!
  • FOSS and active

The one I'm currently using is obsidian, but it's not FOSS and it feels very overcomplicated for a simple note apps.

Any suggestion is welcome!

EDIT: forgot to mention, I'm talking about Android XD

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Hello fellow selfhosters! I reformatted my USB hard drive from exFAT to XFS because I needed a filesystem that could handle hardlinks. I remounted the hard drive and now jellyfin webUI has a severe stuttering problem on some videos, all of them are MKV but it may be a coincidence. On android (using exoplayer) the same files works smoothly. what could be the problem?
in the logs I get a bunch of Slow HTTP Response from http://fedoraserver:8096/ to in 0:00:07.4635856 with Status Code 200

OT: while looking at the logs this happened

SOLUTION: I enabled hardware acceleration, and manually selected also the HEVC and Allow encoding in HEVC format settings, and now the stutter disappeared! thanks to everyone for your help!!!

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I have no idea what's going on. my server once run fedora, and its hostname was fedoraserver. I recently installed AlmaLinux, and now its hostname is tserver. today I was looking at the logs of jellyfin and... Slow HTTP Response from http://fedoraserver:8096
* realization *
WTF!!!!! It's like I saw a ghost. do any of you know what's going on?

even more strange:

$ host fedoraserver                                                                                                                                                                                    
fedoraserver.station has address
fedoraserver.station has address
fedoraserver.station has address
fedoraserver.station has address
$ host tserver                                                                                                                                                                                         
tserver.station has address
$ host                                                                                                                                                                            domain name pointer fedoraserver.station.

I'm... I'm scared

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