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These are some skinny cows!

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My first car, a 1988 Toyota Corolla hatchback, which ran for years and offered endless comedic value.

A doorknob cane (think planters peanut), which has been used from everything from altercations with racoons to building a fort with my kids.

My current house, which is located in a great school district and neighborhood.

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I mean, honestly, the only thing standing between me and cannibalism are some local regulations.

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The trough of disillusionment is my favorite.

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Side note: E Jean Carroll has had an impressive career that is overlooked because of this one incident she did not want. She was a gonzo journalist, wrote for playboy, wrote for SNL, and wrote a biography about Hunter S Thompson. It is a shame Donald Trump is what she will be remembered for. Here's an article with some of her career: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2023/04/28/e-jean-carroll-journalist-writer-new-york/11752140002/

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Also 19k+ unread mail. Yikes!

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My son (10 yo) has a few very strong interests that he talks about pretty much nonstop. We haven't discouraged any kind of talking because he was quite delayed. However it has come to my attention that his narrow focus on these topics can annoy his peers at school. I don't want him to feel ashamed about his interests, but I also don't want him to be ostracized at school. I'd really appreciate any thoughts this group may have on how to handle (or not) this situation. TIA!

Google "Work"space (lemmy.world)
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What if it isn't for you (assuming you are a guy), tho?

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I mean, this just sounds like he was being polite. Who would talk through someone's presentation?

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Is there a video of the tantrum?

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Does this mean that the ice cream machines at McDonald's will be working? 😉

Seriously though, this is great news.

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Thank you for this context. I was completely unaware it existed. Also: WTF was that!?!

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I know it differs pretty wildly, but in King County Washington (Seattle and Bellevue are here) the median home price (condos included) is $830k. That means you have to earn $184k or $88/hour to afford a home, which is insane.

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