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Hello guys and gals, a day ago you've probably seen the video from my co-investigator in regards to the developing Open Hand Charity Situation. This time we delve far deeper and calculate that even more money appears to be either unreported or outright missing, both these situations are very troublesome legally and with no response in sight, we urge law enforcement to investigate and find out where this money is and just how much of it truly was raised. Thanks for watching!

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This is the guy that shanked him, and you just KNOW Chavin wasn’t on the lookout for a guy who looks like this.

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Just sent a code!

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I didn’t, and the link you gave didn't go anywhere. I sent it to https://programming.dev/u/charlybones

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Israel is taking a variety of actions to crack down on any form of support for the Palestinian cause.

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I just sent you a DM on Mastodon with a code. 👍🏼

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And here’s the jerk who stole your code. All they had to do was ask and I’d have given them a code, but no, they had to be why the internet is shit.

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I’ve got 4 more, so BOO to the jerk who used it, but I still got you. Send me a message or give me your Mastodon info, and I’ll get one to you.

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Which is precisely why the evangelical Christians are so vehemently pro-Israel. They want the end times to come.

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A security guard who attempted to intervene was also injured in the incident and taken to hospital.

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And the fact that they did this in October and no one noticed until now says they made the right choice. They weren’t getting enough eyes on their ads anymore and quietly dropped them.

I bet a lot of the companies that dropped advertising on X were already planning to do so before Elon opened his big mouth.

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I feel like this would have been a hard sell even three years ago, but now, with Elon being as polarizing as he is, it’s going to be an even harder sell. I don’t know what demographic that thing is even for, other than hardcore Musk stans.

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I really want to see what the safety scores on this thing are. I can’t image they’ll be very good.

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They pulled ads back in October, according to their statement in the article, so it seems to me like this is more a sign of how big companies are no longer seeing X as being worth the money to advertise there.

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"It's called precedent," the Senate Judiciary Committee chair said of violating the same rule that Republicans ignored to move forward with judicial nominees.

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The fee on Facebook costs 9.99 euros/month on the web or 12.99 euros/month on iOS and Android, which currently covers linked Instagram accounts. However, starting March 1, 2024, costs will go up. After that date, linking your Instagram or additional Meta accounts to your subscription will cost an extra 6 euros/month on the web and 8 euros/month on iOS and Android.

Oh yeah. That’s ridiculous. No one is going to pay that much per month for fricking Facebook. And they’ve got to know that. Their real money comes from all the data they sell, and they don’t want to actually risk it.

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Following the approval of Toripalimab by the Food and Drug Administration, two more Chinese-made cancer drugs have received approval for distribution in the US.

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Yeah, things are not looking good for the Completionist.

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Sen. Ted Cruz has introduced a bill that would limit the use of preferred names by trans people.
The irony, critics point out? The senator, whose legal name is Rafael Edward Cruz, uses a preferred name himself: Ted.

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Elon Musk, the owner of X, criticized advertisers with expletives on Wednesday at The New York Times’s DealBook Summit.

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A U.K. woman was photographed standing in a mirror where her reflections didn't match, but not because of a glitch in the Matrix. Instead, it's a simple iPhone computational photography mistake.

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More than 70 recipients of The Game Awards' Future Class are calling for a statement to be read at next week's The Game Awards, on their behalf, in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza, amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

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An entire county school system in coal-producing West Virginia is going solar. The project in Wayne County Schools represents what a developer and U.S. Sen.

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Permissive airstrikes on non-military targets and the use of an AI system have enabled the Israeli army to carry out its deadliest war on Gaza.

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