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The paper included a decade’s worth of data from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention among Black women ages 25 to 44 across 30 states.

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Nana Akufo-Addo says he will not assent to the anti-LGBTQ+ bill until a Supreme Court ruling.

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A sixth-grade girls' basketball team from northern Kentucky was banned from a boys' basketball league after romping through the regular season to reach the championship.The squad from Next Level Girls Basketball notched a 7-1 record in a city-wide basketball league run by Southwestern Ohio Basketball and was preparing for the championship when league president Tom Sunderman notified the athletic academy that it would be too risky to let them play for the title, reported WVXU-FM.


Under Trump, the White House Medical Unit was “like the Wild West,” and staffers had easy access to powerful stimulants and sedatives, sources say.


The woman and her husband were on a motorbike tour in India when the alleged assault took place.

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The woman and her husband were on a motorbike tour in India when the alleged assault took place.


Faked images of black voters with Trump are a growing disinformation trend in the US election, the BBC finds.


Faked images of black voters with Trump are a growing disinformation trend in the US election, the BBC finds.


West Virginia’s almost entirely Republican state Senate passed a bill in late January that would require schools in the state to display “In God We Trust'' signs—in every single classroom. ...


How many things can you change in a game before it stops being the game it was meant to be?


The state of Tennessee every year pays billions to private companies that have contracts to perform government work. And, in some cases, those companies then make sizable campaign contributions directly to the politicians who influence whether those agreements are approved.
To the public, this looks like “pay-to-play” politics, according to Sen. London Lamar, D-Memphis, and Rep. Justin Jones, D-Nashville, who are introducing groundbreaking anti-corruption legislation to put an end to this practice.

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A Democrat Latina lawmaker opposed to the legislation said it would "allow open season on migrants."

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You know what say: if buying isn’t owning then pirating isn’t stealing.

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Twitter did eventually get its shit together and lift the API limits on NERV’s accounts, but people on JP Twitter were furious, and “Elon” in Japanese (イーロン) was trending, with people basically cussing him out for effing up Twitter by limiting NERV and getting rid of the chronological timeline. Folks were also upset at all the “reply zombies” (blue check bot accounts) commenting complete garbage like “nice” and “happy new year” in posts about the earthquake.

As for misinformation, the evening of the quake “人工地震” (manmade earthquake) was trending on Twitter, and NHK news yesterday actually had a segment on last night explaining that no, the quake was not manmade, and that misinformation was being spread on Twitter.

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a police disciplinary investigation into the incident didn't even begin until last month - a year and a half after the teen was tasered and shot.

And this is why ACAB. If it takes the cops that long to even start looking into a problem, then they don’t see it as a problem.

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On the day of the killings, Veltman denied that he went out on the day with the intention of conducting murders despite the fact he had written a manifesto, put on a military helmet, a bulletproof vest, and a white shirt with a cross on it that was a reference to an online meme about crusaders killing Muslims.

Dude is just trying to save his skin and pass the blame for what he did elsewhere.

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Democrats this morning were shown a clip of McCarthy on CBS over the weekend trying to blame them for shutdown chaos, Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-Va., said, calling that a clarifying moment for those in the party who might have voted to save him. McCarthy's decision to blame Democrats on TV this weekend was "one of the most crushingly stupid things somebody could do on the eve of your survival vote," he told NBC News this afternoon.

I saw that interview clip - the reporter actually started laughing when he tried to blame the Democrats. It really was a stupid thing to say.

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We live in the stupidest timeline.

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Remember, it’s only “political” when it’s something they don’t like.

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Kleinmahon said he was also receiving hate mail at his job from people condemning him for being gay and saying he needed to “find Jesus.”

Oh, ffs. Religious types are the worst.

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This is all just absolutely wild to me because I went to an all-women’s college and we had no issues accepting trans women (there was a trans woman there when I was a student and it was honestly no big thing for anyone), and that was quite a while ago (I’m so old lol). But NOW it’s a damn issue? I feel like we’ve regressed so much and it’s painful.

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This is him getting loudly and publicly booed, which I personally consider good.

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Community Notes jumped on that tweet fast:

If the ability to block users was to be removed, X would be in violation of the policies of the App Store as well as the Google Play Store. Potentially, this could lead to X being removed from these platforms.

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Maybe the cops should try not being violent.

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