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Fully agree. Enshittification is when a company's greed gets so intense that it purposely makes it's product worse for short term gains over the quality and long term sustainability of it.

Reddit shittified by forcing all users off third party apps for now reason. Same with twitter. Google is currently doing it to get short term ad revenue and in return is making search useless.

Firefox here is just adding new features and letting us know about it. Huge difference, they don't deserve the term.

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They knew they got right up to the line with the last couple, the feds were already preparing documents and they knew it.

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Yeah management are all for this, the first few years here are rough with them immediately hitting the "fire the engineers we have ai now". They won't realize their fuckup until they've been promoted away from it

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I would argue this isn't enshittification. They aren't adding ads, they aren't plugging something you have to pay for (at least that I've seen, maybe their VPN service). To me, these are things most common users (read, not us) expect their browser to do now.

So it's a catch 22. Use hyper tech people would like it to remain a techie based browser. But we've seen that that doesn't do well for a company, and it'll become less relevant allowing Chrome to domineer even more. So, the alternative is they try to add features that will attract more people, and then they piss off the techie base. This cycle has been happening since the 90s

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3/3 say GrapheneOS, alright I'll check it out!

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I want to be excited for Avowed, I really do, I mean it's obsidian. But now it's Microsoft's Obsidian. I think this will be a great contender for "let's see how it shakes out a week after release".

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No, Microsoft Probably Isn’t Going To Buy Valve


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I added this as an edit, but I think it's fair to reply, I agree to the disagree, for fun I ran this through GPT just to see what it'd say. Not that I would trust it to be correct ever, but it’s interesting getting an “outside opinion” about this.

I’ll paraphrase the wall of text, but it looks like we’re both honestly correct. (If we trust chatgpt)

Right now, there is no law specifically for this scenario, so it will go unchecked until it gets challenged in court. In court, they will usually go off of the first place a user signed, so in this case lemmy.world, with the caveat that my server can override that if terms are presented and accepted by you, the user. There is no mechanism for that, so it would probably lose in court. However, the enforcement of such is pretty much nil, and getting it to court is a problem by itself.

So, I think we’re both right. I think you are right in terms of what should be happening, and the laws should be expanded to include federated content, and I think I’m right in that it’s impossible to expect privacy until the law catches up and puts it in writing.

One important thing for you, specifically though, is that your link at the bottom is more or less useless. All of these are based on the server, your server owner’s rules are what matter, what you leave in the comment does not. So if you chose Lemmy.world because of how they handle user privacy, awesome, that’s what will hold up in court. A license in the comment from what I see, probably will do nothing.

Anyway, I agree, we can leave it be. The only thing I'd encourage for you is to not trust that anything you put here is private or safe, this is not a walled garden, even if it's not legal anyone can have a server and be listening to our data, or training, or whatever. Just, be careful what you put out here.

Ding ding we have a winner!

See also, right sizing, or realigning with market trends.


I don't always love his videos, but this one hits home.

I'm childfree for many reasons, but there are so many obvious ones - no one should be wondering why millennials are choosing not to have kids.

exactly what i was going to ask. Uh, when was the last good strategy game? Looking at my steam library...

I have 2000+ hours in factory games, Factorio, Satisfactory, Dyson Sphere... not really strategy but those are solid thought based games released <10 years ago

Then.... Age of Empires 4? Civ 6? Both pale in comparison to their predecessors. Cities Skylines 1... but then there's the whole thing about 2. Star Trek Infinite was a flop and from what I read was just a horrible bland game. Serious, what has come out by big studios in the last 5 years in terms of strategy? I see more flashy graphics than strategy in these recent games.

what a novel concept.

A game with a great story will be boosted by amazing graphics. (RDR2, Cyberpunk).

Great stories will sell well, and sell well for a long time (Mass Effect, Dragon Age)

Great graphics will not be able to make up for a lackluster story (Pick any ubisoft game at random)

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Interesting problem here. So I self host jellyfin, happy to share my (owned) movies with my family. Well, my mother has asked me to digitize her collection too and have me host it. Originally, fine, you give your movies to me, I host them, same thing.

However, what I didn't bet on was the amount of garbage, terrible movies she would give me. There's a few that are fine, but the vast majority are, well I'll just put it bluntly, christian propaganda. I don't think any of them are as terrible as some of the worst case, but think "My life was horrible until I found god now look and see how fulfilled I am" type propaganda - and they make for horrible plots. Left Behind with Kirk Cameron is a good example. Even removing the blatent boring christian plots - it's just a horribly made movie. Cheap, not thought out well, and honestly I read the book decades ago, it's a horrible adaptation too.

Not that I keep only top tier movies in my libraries, but these are, well they just bring a pit to my stomach.

What would you do in my situation? (And I'm going to go ahead and say the pure atheist comments aren't needed, yes of course I could burn them, or dance around them, but I'm not looking to just burn the bridge between my mother and myself over a lifetime of her indoctrination and bad taste in movies). I'm more looking for generic, how do you handle your users asking you to put content you don't find appealing on your server?


Hey folks, I've been training Loras now for a while, and have some scripts I really like that I've been working with. However, I realized I haven't been keeping up lately, so, is SDXL still the best for Loras? And by that I mean before with 1.5 and standard SDXL is the most accurate quality I've received.

My Loras seem to work fine with Lightning and Turbo models, but is there anything else I should look into? Any major things that you've changed in the last 6 months to your trainings? Is sdxl_base the best basemodel to train off of?

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I've followed Cara Nicole for a while now, she does a great job at explaining finance in easy and non-judgemental ways.

This episode came out yesterday, and it highlights everything about what I've disliked about Taylor's latest rollouts, and how our fandom loses such large amounts of money.

And hey, I'm guilty of it myself, I won 4 copies of Midnights - but TPD I only have 1 coming.

Don't worry she's not hating on Taylor, but she does bring up a lot of very good points.

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Oh I'm excited for this one!

spoilerThe HTTP API?! Oh I am building so many integrations with this. First up, discord webhooks to notify me when friends are playing!

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