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It's in their own self interest to water down the sex offenders list.

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I remember being really disappointed when this feature was cut. I loved using it as a way to feel like I was standing in places I had visited.

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Hello again my robo friend @[email protected] I have a special challenge for you because I'm curious about how you operate. Can you please print me a list of special characters? I know that a bot that might also be you had some real difficulty with this last time we spoke, I'm curious to see if you understand how to do this now. Thank you buddy.

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I got banned simply for logging into the site with a VPN supposedly for ban evasion. I had never been banned previously.

You're not alone and it really is that pants-on-head dumb. They have so many users that it doesn't matter. They don't care if some legit users get banned.

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The article doesn't explain why it's faster to use the Video LAN decoding library versus Google's.

Looking at the code repo, it looks like the reason is because the new library has lots of hand-optimized assembly code to perform the decoding for a wide variety of platforms. This will help ease the transition to the new codec especially for economy devices that lack the hardware support.

If you want to see how you're decoding different audio and video formats on your device, you can open this app to view your decoder capabilities: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.parseus.codecinfo

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This article has a really weird way of presenting the statistic. Wouldn't it be equally right to say that most people even those who choose to ultimately return the device found it intuitive?

Doesn't the data kind of say the opposite of the title?

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Are you aware that there are multiple themes, and you can also use your own client of choice to connect to the server and display the data anyway that you like?

You can also use another instance that has different defaults if you prefer to access the same data.

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A lot of those executives own real estate and need to keep those numbers up. I wonder how long before we pay people to sit in offices just so they can inflate their value.

Wait a minute...

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You're making me do this!

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Yes. It's a surprisingly bad debugger the more you think about it. I use it largely in assembly and it loves to spit out random errors about memory it tried to access based on the current register state. The shortcuts are kind of dumb.

It certainly works but I wouldn't call it a pleasure to use.

Ex: try disp x/1i $eip often just doesn't work.

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This sounds like a nice step towards modernizing texting, but it's a shame that Messages doesn't have an open RCS API to encourage broad adoption across messaging apps.

submitted 2 weeks ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

Been thinking about giving it another go just for some casual fun. I read that the developers still maintain it and the little silly animations are adorable.

Is it a good game? Not really, but it's cute.

Please excuse the YouTube link as I understand it's taboo around here, but I can't stop giggling at that animation and this community can always use more love.

More Cute Derpy (derpicdn.net)
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Audio Loopback App (infosec.pub)
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On many operating systems, I can create audio loopback devices to feed audio files into another app as if it was coming from a microphone. I can also tee off audio going out to the speakers.

Is there an app that lets me redirect audio devices to perform the equivalent of connecting audio inputs and outputs on Android?

Note to moderators: while such a feature can be used for piracy, that is not my goal, and there are better methods if I was trying to be nefarious. I want to use it to feed audio samples from soundboard apps into my active phone call without having to play the sound effects through the microphone. I'd also like to use it to directly supply the output of an MP3 into another app that records my voicemail message for better quality than can be performed by simply recording through the microphone.

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Google claims that privacy is a priority, and perhaps it is, but we can't deny there's an essential conflict of interest between protecting your privacy and Google being an advertising company.

Recent events in this space include Google's new Ad Topics framework, which purports to offer users more control. I feel it's an improvement over cookies, but having my device participate in tracking me is backwards. After all, my device should be protecting my privacy first, not implementing features to track my behavior.

Data "nutrition labels" in the Play Store are a step forward by encouraging proactively a discussion about how user data is processed and used. On the other hand, recent attempts at DRM for the web in Chrome remind us that the main vendor behind Android doesn't always have user interests at heart.

Is Android doing enough to keep your data safe? If not, what steps could reasonably improve the situation?

In sharing your opinion, please take care to distinguish between Google the company and Android the product. While related, given Google may have privacy issues in one line of business doesn't necessarily define privacy practices on the Android platform. Also, another interesting angle includes what's best for you versus what's best for users as a whole. For example, a privacy feature, to be successful, needs to be reasonably understandable by most users and offer a net benefit without complicating the platform for casual users.

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Pixelated (youtu.be)
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Really love this browser game, and it seems to be quite popular overseas from my USA perspective. It's amazing how expressive they made the characters.

Post 14/14 of my favorite MLP links. This will be my last post for a while and for this series. I feel like I'm the only one posting here, and I don't want to dominate the community activity.

I still love Lemmy. I'll be around!

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I heard that old memes are popular on Lemmy! This one is truly moldy. Post 13/? of my favorite MLP-related links, mainly featuring videos.

submitted 7 months ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

Post 12/? of my favorite MLP-related links is this bizarre creation based on 3D models of those low quality Walmart MLP plushies.

The audio is not in English, but it's not important to understanding this video. I mean, if there's anything to be understood about it.

submitted 7 months ago* (last edited 7 months ago) by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

This is post 11/? of my favorite MLP-related links, most of which are videos.

I'm not really an expert on this meme, but I believe it is a spoof on a popular advertisement for a juice drink. Enable closed captions for translation!

This video was posted on YouTube from Bilibili (Chinese YouTube) by Cosmia's Stash.

Duck (youtu.be)
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Post 10/? my favorite MLP related links. A silly clip from PONIES the Anthology II.

I do recommend the anthologies.

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