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Loading my own profile in both apps and on lemm.ee has been painfully slow since the 0.19 update, is anyone having a similar issue?

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Individuals involved in developing new Apple Watch models told Gurman that the existing band system takes up a large amount of space that could be better utilized for bigger batteries or other internal components. As such, Apple is apparently considering a magnetic band attachment system, but it is currently unclear if this specific method will be present on the ‌‌Apple Watch X‌ or if the company will choose something else‌.

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Quoting their discord:

**V0.9353 12/19/2023 **

Summary: 6 new weapons, big graphics pass and a ton of map updates.

Weapons: Bulkhead (Shield)

311-Stag (shotgun revolver)

LRL-Foss Beam (Beam laser)

Intimidator (Minigun)


Quartz (Heavy Missile)

Mechs: We reworked aiming system from the ground up Aiming should be a lot more responsive and accurate Removed most of the delays while maintaining a sense of weight Way better scoped mode which allows for better fine aiming Vaulting system All mechs now vault over obstacles under specific conditions Heavy mech received a speed increase, retuning More minor tuning and tweaks to movement and more.

Graphics: We’ve done our biggest graphics pass up to date Weather effects per map Implemented post processing, tonemapping, bloom Graphics options menu FPS counter

Maps: All maps received improvements, improved lighting, fog, atmosphere and more

Updated: -Bulletheim -Tevaluka -Solis Fae Added: -Helios -Tor Arena -CrashSite -Badlands Removed Pastel Freighter (Temporarily) Added all game modes for most maps

Misc: Added Liv support for better gameplay capture and recordings Performance improvements Bullet whizzing improvements Cockpit shaking should work properly now (firing, getting hit etc) New spawn and respawn screens, now indicating team Animation tweaks and improvements Various bug fixes, quality of life improvements

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The company announced on Monday that it is beginning to switch its user accounts to ActivityPub, which means that everyone curating stuff on Flipboard is now doing so in a way that apps like Mastodon can see and interact with.

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Spectral Games will release a VR version of the PC game Medieval Dynasty New Settlement for Meta Quest 2, Quest 3 and Quest Pro in spring 2024. The VR version will include a new story and map. You will be able to build, cook, hunt, and farm in a medieval landscape. According to the developers, there will be two modes: a story mode, which will introduce all the game mechanics in a narrative form, and a sandbox mode, in which all the features will be available to you right from the start.

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Amazon is adding full-screen video ads that will play when you start your Fire TV unless you quickly perform an action on it. […] “Our focus is on delivering an immersive experience so customers can enjoy their favorite TV shows and movies, as well as browse and discover more content they’ll want to watch. We’re always working to make the Fire TV experience better for customers and have updated one of the prominent placements in the UI to play a short content preview if no other action is taken by a customer upon turning on their Fire TV.” Amazon said in a statement to Cord Cutters News.

Sure, that’s definitely a feature for customers. Especially the fact that you can only click it away in the first few seconds. I also love to have my ads be immersive. Biggest pile of bullshit I’ve heard this week.

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That guy already had more than enough compensation with that hoodie and the office tour they gave him.

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There’s just way too many articles being posted where at best the headline only implies something that isn’t actually true and at worst just plainly lies.

The funny thing is, even the article itself is often already correcting the headline, but I can’t imagine that more than 10% are actually reading every one, which means there’s a constant stream of misinformation being broadcasted. Not every one of these has high stakes, but still.

Here’s two examples that I just came across:

And because people are only reading the title, they upvote and move on. Even though the comments set it straight as well. There’s a lot more that I’ve come across. It’s infuriating.

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TL;DR: The European Commission is launching an anti-subsidy investigation into Chinese electric vehicle makers, potentially leading to higher import duties. This move aims to protect Europe's auto industry and address concerns of dependency on China. If Chinese EVs are found to have an unfair advantage due to subsidies, it could impact their growth in Europe and lead to retaliatory measures. The investigation reflects growing geopolitical tensions and could influence the global EV market. (via ChatGPT)

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The icons aren’t original to memmy, they’re icons that Apple provides and they encourage/make it easy to use them

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Did that also apply to electric cars? Or were you allowed to plug it in yourself

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I’m not a car person, so excuse my lack of knowledge. But do electric cars have/need cooling liquid? Just wondering

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That must’ve been one of the most useless regulations. Is that just about jobs? I can’t really imagine it being a security risk issue or any other reason

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That question keeps coming up and I’m pretty sure the answer is no. There are other native apps out there, voyager is and will most likely remain a web app.

It’s also not like you can flip a switch and suddenly it’s native. You’d have to rewrite everything from scratch, so there isn’t really a "we already got this far, let’s make it native" happening here.

I do, however, understand why people keep asking for it. There are some aspects to web apps that just feel a bit off, but I think voyager is doing an amazing job at being a web app.

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Pretty sure they’re not. I mean those are instagram accounts, but only those who enabled threads. It’s also at 93 million now.

Why is it so hard to believe that people download the app and try it out? It’s easy to do, users don’t have to create a new account, the app is number one on the App Store, they’re probably advertising it in instagram, and it’s still just 20% of the instagram userbase.

Decentralization is nice, but most people don’t care about it and it’s too complicated or annoying to sign up there. Threads is dead simple and people want a Twitter replacement. It’s also "just" a fifth of the Twitter userbase.

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They’re not creating a shadow account, you’re literally logging in with your instagram account.

What this post is implying, is that the user numbers are just existing instagram accounts, which doesn’t make sense because in that case they’d have 2 billion users within the first second.

You can follow/request to follow before the user has actually "created" the account, so they’re lying about which users have done that already, not about how many users they actually have.

Come at me downvotes

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Sad to see how deep Musk has fallen. He‘s becoming more and more like Trump and hopefully sooner rather than later he’ll be completely irrelevant

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