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Are y'all referring to native plants as weeds? I use it pretty much synonymously with "invasive species"

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I'm looking to replace my freestanding gas stove/oven right now, and my options seem to be $800 for coil electric and $3000 for induction.

I'm probably going to end up with the induction anyway but damn.

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Verge editor laments the perverse incentives of SEO rankings.

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Who could have ever guessed that naming different software the same thing would ever come back to bite them

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Will we ever stop referring to the Web as "the Internet"?

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Amazing how different it feels to hear "racially aggravated harassment" vs "called police officer 'stupid white bastard'".

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"You may not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble any portion of the output generated using SDK elements for the purpose of translating such output artifacts to target a non-NVIDIA platform.,"

This is literally a protected right in multiple countries, so um...


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The correct answer is, was and always has been elastic tabstops

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The FTC argued this would happen, it's the court that swallowed Microsoft's tripe. This is the FTC's "I told you, bro!"

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Probably to get some other benefitof the PR system, such as CI tests

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The Jobseeker program has always been about punishing the poor. The sudden raise in payments and dropping mutual obligations when "normal" people were ending up on Jobseeker during covid was a blatant demonstration of that.

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The US Textbook industry single-handedly justifies the existence of Library Genesis (if it requires justification)

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