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I'm sorry that happened to you, it sounds like it was a rough time. This is something I think about with my kids, who are a few years younger than you were when this happened. We don't give them un-monitored access to social media precisely because I know that kids that age lack the impulse control to just walk away when something like this happens or something is bothering them, so it's so easy for a teen to get pulled into a situation online where they're being harassed or bullied and they just don't have the tools to disconnect from the situation on their own.

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One of the things that I think is probably about Kraftwerk and other electronic music is that often their synths are very slightly detuned so that intervals aren't perfect and sounds that aren't perfectly consonant. This gives it a "crunchier", more complex sound that is more pleasing than sounds that are perfectly in tune/in phase with each other.

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Ah yeah, location probably makes a big difference. Cost of Living is waaaay lower here, but so is median income so 🤷‍♂️

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There have been some questions about the quality of the source posted in this topic - Mediabiasfactcheck.com has them at a "Poor" factual reporting level. There are, however, a few more reliable sources reporting on this, such as this article in the New Republic

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Hi skeptomatic, Beehaw Technology mod here. To be clear, this community is not only for the uncritical admiration technological development or the tech sector. It is a community for discussion of Technology in general, which will likely include discussion of the effects of technology on society. Those topics very well may include discussions of how and when those technologies, the environment they are developed in, or the systems they enable are harmful to human flourishing.

You are absolutely welcome to defend generative AI as a useful or positive development - I personally think it's a really interesting technology with some major potential (although I think we're probably in a hype cycle and it's being applied in all kinds of ways that don't really make sense), but I also recognize that there are potential social pitfalls in it's development and deployment. Those ideas are worth discussing in a kind, civil manner.

Lastly, when you comment here on Beehaw, please remember our rule: Be(e) Nice.

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Honestly it's kind of hard to know how to respond to this.

We recognize that "I was just joking" isn't a universal defense, otherwise people wouldn't have had an issue with minstrel shows. But as a society we've come to recognize that humor can be persuasive and can inform people's beliefs about what others are like. It's similar to how sites like 4chan that started out with cultures that were drenched in ironic racism eventually were just actually racist.

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Mirror, in case you hit a paywall: https://archive.is/iCYt4

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I don't know why you're trying to start drama.

The Vice article was a news article that was reporting on this leak, but it didn't name any names and didn't link to the leaked database. The post in question also wasn't a beehaw post, it was a federated post from lemmy.ml. Maybe I'm misunderstanding how federation works, but I would expect lemmy.ml's mods to handle moderating those posts.

And, frankly, I'm not sure I disagree with the screenshot you posted elsewhere in this thread. I don't think it was wrong for a person to leak the IronMarch forum database a few years ago, which exposed a bunch of Atomwaffen members in the US and neo-nazis elsewhere, and I'm not sure I think it's wrong for someone to have leaked this db either.

This isn't "it's okay to dox people you disagree with" or calling people with different political opinions nazis. These are actual nazis.

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Hi @[email protected], please remember Beehaw's primary founding principal when commenting here: Be(e) Nice.

It is possible to disagree with someone without using abusive language. If you think they are wrong, attack their arguments (civilly), not the person.

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Just a reminder to everyone in the comments to be kind. Folks feel very strongly about this subject, and for very good reasons, but we can have empathy and compassion for one another even while disagreeing. Please remember that you are interacting with other humans here.

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Hey folks - Just want to note that the !Technology mod team is aware of the reports on this post. After some discussion we decided to leave the thread up, since it had already generated a decent amount of good discussion despite the problems with the article itself. However, I do want to make it clear that we do not condone intentionally misgendering people.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reply here or DM me.

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Hi @Arobanyan, can you explain what you are seeing here that is troubling to you or seems racially motivated? One of the core principles that we try to operate by here at Beehaw is to assume good faith in others. If you have questions about a user's motivations, ask them (kindly) to clarify rather than assuming bad faith and responding in an accusatory way. We ask that users give other users the benefit of the doubt "unless they are unequivocally advocating for hate or intolerance of fellow humans", which I'm not seeing in these comments.

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I'm sorry if it's frustrating to you to have megathreads like this. I'm not enthused about the extra effort in redirecting posts to the Megathread, either, but I'm not aware of a better way to handle topics that are flooding a community other than gathering them up in a thread like this. It annoys users (and mods) when dozens of articles about the same topic are dominating a community, so we'd like to do something to alleviate that when possible. I've seen similar concepts used in a number of different places (old-school forums, reddit alternatives like Tildes) because, as far as I've seen, there's not a better alternative for wrangling topics that might otherwise clutter the feed.

If you have any ideas about better ways to handle this type of thing in the future, I'd love to hear them (and I genuinely mean that - I think we're open to suggestions if a better way exists).

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Hey folks -

The seemingly never-ending flood of Musk/Twitter news and commentary is getting to some of our users (and some of the mods, too), so we've decided to create a general Megathread for all things related to Elon Musk and X/Twitter.

This thread will be a general Musk catch-all, so we're including news about Musk acting the fool as related to any of his companies (SpaceX, Tesla, Boring). News about those companies that don't involve Elon can be posted outside this thread.

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Saw these guys live a few weeks ago opening for Thrice and really liked their vibe. I've been really enjoying digging into their discog since then.

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I'm honestly not sure how to summarize this video. It's a very interesting look at the way that the impulse to "optimize" gameplay affects the culture surrounding games, especially MMOs and other multiplayer games. It particularly looks at World of Warcraft and the social norms that have developed around and within the game. It's a long watch but I found it really interesting, and I have zero connection to WoW and have never played it.

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It was interesting seeing this headline over the weekend. RPG platform DrivethruRPG has also come out with a similar statement.

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