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Brothers and Sisters that enjoy the wilderness of our great state. Bring bear mace and a whistle. Stay safe and stay warm.

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I think that was cute honestly. Just good fun.

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Rafael is such a cool name. Wtf

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That's unrealistic. Hitler knew well that he had charisma and a high speech skill. His ability to emote and speak was his strong suit. He probably wouldn't use the Internet for speech.

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We need the Karen's to combine their might and talk the the Mega Manager.

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Every day we stray closer to Linux.

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I learned a lot about the human reproductive system in both male and females while I lived in Maryland. I moved to Texas and I learned that women are sinners and so they suffer every month and men have OP rib bones.

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This honestly sounds like propaganda trying to convince people this is a thing.

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I used to truck drive for a while and if there is any industry that needs to stand up for themselves it is that on.

I worked for Warner and the CEOs slogan was " You make less now to make more later" super dumb.

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I've seen a UFO while I was truck driving. Most amazing thing I have seen to date.

Edit: On the night of the Dec 11th 2020 at 9:30ish I had stopped for the night to sleep whiledriving towards Colorado on I25 in New Mexico. I had stopped at a truck parking area maybe 10 miles away from Old Sunshine gas station and parking area. I was gazing at the stars and milkyway and enjoying the lack of light pollution when I witnessed it. Where the sky had previously been black and full of stars a blue light appeared for 10 or so seconds and then shot directly upward in an ice blue streak. At first I didn't think anything of it until it moved incredibly fast straight up. It was instantaneous. I used to be ing the Air Force so I have seen all kinds of Arial vehicles. Never seen anything like this.

I couldn't find a mile marker but the coordinates are "35.3965167, -105.4138241".

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What are your thoughts?

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While I understand your sentiment life is not as black and white as that and some people cannot just stop everything they are doing because they are sick. I believe there should be more protection for people who are sick so they can recover.

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There are a few reasons.

  1. The people who own the buildings are going bankrupt and so to help out their rich friends CEOs are trying to force people into using office buildings.
  2. Companies don't want to let go of their power over an employee.
  3. They don't trust their employees.
  4. They can't watch their employees.
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Reddit assisted their competition. Lemmy use doubled.

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