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Please do this in humans. Please actually work.

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Look at the name of the community. Your response isn't really helpful.

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I just cant fathom going to a place and think boy I wish there were more X here.

I can. I can't learn from or have discussions with people who have literally the same life as me. That's kinda boring.

Is it an American thing?

Yes. Diversity has been drilled into me my entire life. There are news articles and lawsuits about discrimination all the time. IDK about other countries, but, yeah, diversity is a huge thing in the USA.

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What I mean about constructing statistics is going to a place and starting counting people hmmm yes there are 95% straight people here and 96% white people here


In my post, I linked to a statistics page from a popular homebrewing community. https://brulosophy.com/2024/05/27/2024-general-homebrewer-survey-results/

This is not representative of the American demographics. It's largely skewed. I then went to my regular meeting and saw the same thing. I wondered if there's a specific reason for the difference. I asked here.

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Construing statistics about the people around you?

Huh? I don't understand the question.

And then being displeased about some fluke in the numbers?

Where did I say I was pleased or displeased?

Like what does it matter??

Look at the name of the community you're participating in.

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I don't stand on it, I drink it.

I joke. IDK. I've never had it. I'm not much into wine. I'll have to think about this, but I get your point: is wine called that bc it's fermented grapes or is it some broader category? Is anything over 10% (or wherever the line is drawn), usually not carbonated, usually stored a year or more, is that wine? Does it need to be made from fruit?

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Cider means a fermented apple beverage. It's not a class of beverage. So the phrase apple cider is redundant. My nit pick is that I think cider should be ANY fruit fermented beverage. Beer isn't only barley, it's any grain. Wheat beer, gf beer has no barley. Etc etc. But a fermented pear drink isn't pear cider, it's perry.

I think cider should be a group of fermented fruit beverages with no added sugar and usually carbonated. Alcohol under 10%.

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lol, there is a lot of confusion when I'm researching things or buying parts.


While I know this survey is biased, it's people who watch Brulosophy content and answer surveys, but my own experience backs this up: https://brulosophy.com/2024/05/27/2024-general-homebrewer-survey-results/

My personal experience mirrors that as well. Everyone in my homebrew group is that. Everyone in surrounding groups (as seen in pictures of state-wide gatherings) is that. 95% of the people I see in homebrew shops are that.



Seems neat. If it wasn't so expensive, I'd try it.

Side note: I wanna know more about that inline filament dryer. I don't like the prep by using a box. I always forget.

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I'd love for this to be true, but I'd need to see some proof. It feels like wish-fulfillment.

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I got kicked for telling someone to gather all the artillery shells before activating the console.

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I know I suck

If you sucked, then they'd have kicked you earlier to replace you with someone better.

don’t waste my time letting me help you clear mission objectives

Cruelty is the point. Traitors want their fellow divers to suffer due to some dark, undemocratic urges. There are rumors about the bots being able to brainwash, but that is unverified.

What they've really done is let you know that they need to be blocked. (Social, recent players, block.)


REAL LIFE ROCK AND STONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm not saying that right-wingers are Nazis or racists,

I am.


Typing. !lemm

Or something should list suggestions like the web page does.


Immediately died bc extraction was overwhelmed, didn't even make it back up to the pelican. Still got credit!

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