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I've had this for a long time, nah someone drew it/did it digitally

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theoretical feline (lemmy.world)
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"Please DO NOT announce to the server when you are going to masturbate. This has been a reoccurring issue, and I’m not sure why some people have such under developed social skills that they think that a server full of mostly male strangers would need to know that. No one is going to be impressed and give you a high five (especially considering where that hand has been). I don’t want to add this to the rules, since it would be embarrassing for new users to see that we have a problem with this, but it is going to be enforced as a rule from now on.

If it occurs, you will be warned, then additional occurrences will be dealt with at the discretion of modstaff. Thanks."

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We merely went for a dance I meant no harm

Got Played (lemmy.world)
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"Eisenhower has been sunk due to extensive damage" Has it really though. Gonna start calling it "Ghost of Ike" or something like Enterprise.

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Next on OANN - "the immigrants" are stealing your email adresses!

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What about 32 years ago, when we used our names for them, blindly misunderstanding the gravity of what we were making

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I found it, "show scores" is now a slider in settings? Idk why it was disabled but I see them now, thanks!

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I'm on jerboa and votes disappeared completely. What heart?

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A good place reference? In 2024?

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Now I hear it too. I hear the whole song. GET OUT OF MY HEAD

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I know about the hot debate if avatar is anime or not, but this felt like it would be better appreciated here than my normal Shitposts or Memes places.

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Ps4 does, what pepega shit is this

(It is a meme I stole I am not currently attempting to connect a headset, but I am nonetheless bothered by ps5s lack of bluetooth)

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It may not be the work he wanted, but it was a positive direction. I know nothing about his other works, but new-kratos is a much expanded character and successful continuation on the original work. Not a hamfisted cash-in like so many sequelizations do.

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Now we shitpost on the funny mouse website!

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Look I don't appreciate you coming at me with these logical and reasonable points.

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