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#levitation #illusion Ah a classic

More info of the origin of the flying toaster: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/After_Dark_(software)

Source of image (I don't have a old windows computer to record): https://www.reddit.com/r/gifs/comments/p6p384/old_school_flying_toast_screensaver/

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Just kinda curious do you guys ever run into issues of lacking imessage (like your friends unwilling to use another app) or is it just a over blown issue.

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I do wonder how this compares to current payment processors (Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, etc)

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Hi guys anyone know the dofference between Google Play System updates vs OEM security updates?

I currently am using a Oneplus 8 which gets oem security updates from oneplus untill April 2024. After this date how safe would thr device be to use (banking, google pay, etc)?

Frieren Legion by 田子元 (bookwormstory.social)
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Author/Channel: 田子元

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQppdob5gXE&t=75s

Gotta love the YouTube algorithm

#levitation #balloons

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Twitter Profile

Twitter Art Link

#illusion #multipletypes

[P5V7P7][Meme] Free Candy (files.catbox.moe)
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Hi guys out of curiosity does anyone know of a foss, local recorder app that does speech to text?

Closest I've seen is https://voiceinput.futo.org/ which relies on a local open ai whisper model. However unfortunatley this app only works as a keyboard.


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Source: https://reehlia.tumblr.com/post/627722460101541888/pand4nn-theyre-both-pink-and-sweet-and-i-love

I found this image when browsing sped up music compiliations one of the music sped up videos message from the stars used this image. Music video and image author aren't related.


Uraraka and Kirby by Dynamight98 (bookwormstory.social)
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Few problems:

  1. Safteynet (play integrity) and root detection

There are magisk tweaks to help combat this but its a annoying game of cat and mouse. Some apps like chase have particularly annoying root detection to deal with. Also regaring safteynet once google fully enforces hardware attestation passing safteynet with tweaks will be borderline impossible (most tweaks try to spoof older phones that don't support safteynet hardware attestation).

  1. Widevine

Many streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Disney, etc) will downgrade your video quality to 480p-540p due to L3 from unlocking the bootloader (a step thats usually required before you can root).

  1. Physical security (potential risk)

Unlocking the bootloader is the first step to allowing for rooting and custom roms. One pro/con is when you unlock the bootloader you are partially at risk to a evil maid attack (some one with physical acess to your phone can compromise it). While difficult to do automatically (and probably very very rare) some one could hypothetically place a malicious bootloader that could steel data. The risk of this is mostly low but does exist.

Flyin' High by Peri (bookwormstory.social)
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Source: Flyin' High || Animated Music Video


Made by:

Mrblaz: Director/Animator - https://twitter.com/mmrblaz

Sangury: Animator - https://twitter.com/soysangury

Peri: Props/Art - https://twitter.com/Pericote9

Mudsymu: Art/BGs - https://twitter.com/mudsymu

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Edit issue self resolved on latest update

Hi guys anyone noticing the chrome pwa haptics aren't working anymore? Weird thing is if voyager is opened directly in chrome haptics work but in pwa it doesn't seem to work.

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Its a 4x price increase Sync pro for reddit was about $4 (USD), sync for lemmy is $22 to remove ads

Reddit Sync Pro Ad removal

Lemmy Sync ad removal

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Best reason would be if you were a reddit sync user in the past Lemmy sync would feel familiar.

It analogous to Apollo users feeling voyager similar (to an extent).

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Is there a one time payment option to remove ads?

Dev said he will ad a ad removal feature

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Glad to hear 👍

Edit image for those who are curious:

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Agreed whats more annoying is getting double X posts back to back

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Reminds of the 15 million merits episdoe in black mirror

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The problem comes down to education institutions. I remember when we got Chromebooks in my highschool (8 years ago) admins forgot to turn of developer mode and half the school unenrolled the Chromebook managing to bypass all restrictions. This went on for half a year until one day our school needed to run a state exam (more for measure of schools performance not as a college entrance exam or anything).

The computerized testing program required deploying a specific chrome app accessible when chrome book is logged out (can't just download from chrome web store). When they tried to push the client since half of Chromebooks were unenrolled it failed. This required the school it to recall pretty much all chrome books to manually re enroll all of them and disable developer mode (prevents unenrolling and prevents sideloading Linux).

Problem is if older Chromebooks are used for Linux in an educational environment there would be nothing stopping a student from whipping up a bootable USB and dumping another distro (bypassing restrictions). I'm also not sure if there is a enrollment mode equivalent Linux (there may be but not sure).

At least that's my two cents (not a school it admin just a memory from the past 😉).

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Some of my general programs

  1. Homebrew (https://brew.sh/)
  2. Magnet
  3. Shottr
  4. Velja
  5. Bitwarden
  6. Spark
  7. Firefox Nightly/Chrome
  8. Ferdium
  9. Pdf expert (before the subscription junk happened)/ PDF Studio
  10. Day progress
  11. Horo
  12. Obsidian
  13. Bartender (testing it)
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