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Advice Animals were much earlier, in the late 2000s. I remember seeing them on gaming forums before Reddit was even a thing, when SA and Digg still reigned supreme.

Know Your Meme traces them back to 2006.


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Friendly reminder, everyone. Don't feed the trolls.

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It helps if you also poop on company time

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Let's have a quick lesson in credibility:

You should take everything you read with varying degrees of skepticism. Some things warrant more skepticism than others. For example, which of these two should you be more skeptical of?

  1. An article written by someone paid to write things. Their actual name is on the article, thus so is their reputation. And if they're worth their salt, they'll also link to direct sources for data shared in their article.

  2. some random dude on a forum who consistently fails to provide sourcing for the numbers, this failing to price they didn't pull those numbers out of their ass.

Now, I don't have to accept any of the options at face value, but one is more convincing than the other.

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Death to Smoochy

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My dude, it's not supposed to work. That was the point of Escher's art.

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What adds salt to the wound is that the money was taken from the IRS who would've used it to hire more auditors so they can audit more wealthy people who've been cheating on their taxes.For every $1 spent for auditors, they return an average of $12.

So we really lost $168bn in federal income that could've helped the public.

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Just as the phrase is "for God's sake," the proper grammar is "for fuck's sake." It's possessive. The fuck is the subject here, it's for their sake. For the sake of the fuck.

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"heard you was talking shit." - The Pope, probably

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Why are we bothering to continue giving her the attention? Sharing this nonsense only helps her.

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Reddit won't actually die, it'll just be a hollow shell of what it once was.

To illustrate my point, Digg still exists.

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