[-] ChihuahuaOfDoom@lemmy.world 9 points 17 hours ago

He dies in September 2024

[-] ChihuahuaOfDoom@lemmy.world 3 points 18 hours ago

That's a big MFer, if my ambulance had to transport him and he couldn't stand I'd call the fire department for a lift assist.

[-] ChihuahuaOfDoom@lemmy.world 10 points 21 hours ago

What? That wasn't him, it was ANTIFA. One big liberal conspiracy. The only conservatives in the crowd that day were tourists who were innocently shunted along into the building. They never intended to go inside, it was the fault of ANTIFA and the woke liberal mob.

[-] ChihuahuaOfDoom@lemmy.world 25 points 22 hours ago

That's the part that I'm actually worried about, Christians who are actively seeking to end the fucking world. They want political violence, civil unrest and war in the middle east. It's so fucked.

[-] ChihuahuaOfDoom@lemmy.world 42 points 22 hours ago

I'm so sure THIS is the thing that is going to unify our country around a common cause. Yep, just like a lighter unites gasoline and wood.

[-] ChihuahuaOfDoom@lemmy.world 6 points 22 hours ago

So they're trying to pretend it didn't happen?

[-] ChihuahuaOfDoom@lemmy.world 54 points 22 hours ago* (last edited 22 hours ago)

"My doctor says you have the ~~highest~~ greatest LDL count of any president ever." "Lipitor, sweet lipitor, isn't it great folks, eat all the McDonald's you could ever want, take one little pill and it all washes away, right into the toilet that won't flush, 7-8 times you have to flush that thing."

[-] ChihuahuaOfDoom@lemmy.world 5 points 23 hours ago

Is there supposed to be an article attached to this or is it just a statement? It sounds like a headline.

[-] ChihuahuaOfDoom@lemmy.world 25 points 23 hours ago* (last edited 22 hours ago)

Frankly, I think they should get sponsored by Glock or HK and just hand out a loaded 9mm to all attendees at the door, 20 round extended magazines too, none of those factory 15 round or pussy liberal 10 round restricted mags. When everyone has a gun, I bet they would feel so safe.

Edit: another thought; no safeties, just double action triggers. Hell, no safeties and single action triggers, bet they'd feel so damned safe.

[-] ChihuahuaOfDoom@lemmy.world 120 points 1 day ago

If the Bible is to be believed, trump is the anti-Christ.

[-] ChihuahuaOfDoom@lemmy.world 5 points 2 days ago

Earth, the final frontier.

[-] ChihuahuaOfDoom@lemmy.world 21 points 2 days ago

You know for a fact that if the shoe were on the other foot, this is exactly the rhetoric we'd be hearing.


They also have a friend


We lost several chickens this year to predators so no more free roaming. My old run was too small for the flock so I fenced in what used to be our garden and turned it over to the dinosaurs. The old run will accommodate our pullets until they are bigger and can run with the rest of the herd.


I'm not ok.


I thought maybe I had accidentally put the screw in there myself but my only other box of this color I bought is 3-1/2"


They are going out to the run in the next week or two, I am building a new run for our older chickens this week so we can keep them separated for now.

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