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What the hell do you mean by "focusing on the left?" What would it mean to "focus on the right?"

[-] [email protected] 11 points 4 days ago* (last edited 4 days ago)

They finally changed (or learned) after January 6th. I distinctly remember yelling at my radio that they were allowing Trump's lackeys to repeatedly spew lies, and for the sake of "balance" those lies went essentially unchecked, and they'd hand the interview off to a Democrat who was baited with a leading question about "what you think about the claim that Democrats are running a child prostitution ring in the basement of a pizza restaurant", or something else equally ludicrous. The first time they stopped presenting those lies with "you decide" ambivalence was the Big Lie, which is the first time they started fact-checking in real time.

So yeah, recently they've started figuring out how to push back against obvious bullshit, but during the Trump presidency their coverage was absolutely horrendous, and they were played like a fiddle by Republicans who knew damn well NPR journalists had to take every salacious claim they made at face value, which essentially rewarded them for being as insane as possible and consistently working the Overton window in their favor.

A side note here is that there's a VERY strong difference between American and British journalism, in that Americans put a premium on decorum, and Brits put a premium on counterpoints. Sometimes they can be so direct and probing that it comes off as quite rude, and we can be so polite and courteous that we lay out the red carpet for liars. NPR has traditionally specialized in the "politely ask more questions and eventually you will get to truth" style of journalism, and they're only now starting to lean into a slightly more confrontational style of "no, that's wrong" argumentation. They're not particularly good at it, mind you, but they're kinda getting there.

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Yes, that lawful purpose. Self defense. It's not just "any" or "a" lawful purpose. Self defense goes to the very heart of the Heller ruling.

[-] [email protected] 38 points 6 days ago* (last edited 6 days ago)

This still allows bolt action for hunting, revolvers and shotguns for defense. That should be plenty. If you’re spraying a dozen+ rounds in your own home for defense you’re more of a danger than an intruder at that point.

I mean, it allows this kind of semi-automatic shotgun, but not this kind of semi-automatic shotgun. Those firearms are functionally indistinguishable, but somehow that little grip thing makes one more deadly than the other. As a lefty hunter and outdoorsman, this kind of bill is absolutely ridiculous security theater that doesn't meaningfully change the risk and/or damage from mass shootings but makes other people feel better, somehow.

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"Ban books. Jail librarians." - the bad guys in every epoch of history

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Conservatives: "States' rights!"

Voters: "Ok."

Conservatives: "Wait...NOT LIKE THAT!"

[-] [email protected] 129 points 6 months ago

And no small number of supposed leftists found in all this cause for celebration.

and also

Those who approve or condone Hamas’s atrocities constitute a small minority of the left.

Mr. Levitz should take a deep breath and figure out what exactly he's trying to say, and to whom.

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Biden: "You should get paid more."

Trump: indicted for 91 crimes and found liable for decades of tax fraud

Michigan Republicans: ¯\(ツ)

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It was never about his job. It was always about putting Christianity back on a pedestal and the rest of us back in the shadows.

Fuck him.

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The "judicial torpedo" herself, suddenly pearl clutching now that it's obvious to the rest of us she wasn't nominated because of her resume or experience, but in order to achieve a policy goal of the party who put her forward. Suddenly she's worried about appearances and decorum? After what we've witnessed over the past 8 years?

Get. Fucked. You. Absolute. Shitstain. I hope the scrutiny keeps you awake and in a cold sweat when you lie down in your bed at night.

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I absolutely LOVE that PoppinKREAM is on the fediverse too. We don't deserve you, my dude, but we're glad you're here.

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I've wondered how long we'll go before universities across the country start refusing to accept Florida high school graduates because their coursework does not meet basic acceptance criteria. I can see the Ivy league starting first because they have a legitimate reason to want their incoming freshmen to have top-notch coursework under their belt so they can hit the ground running, and once the first domino falls I'd imagine lots of universities would rush to join the chorus. If Florida officials want their kids to learn that slavery was good and that rainbows don't exist, then fine. They're disqualified from attending tertiary institutions whose history and sociology instruction is predicated on those things being bullshit. It'd be no different from some crazy-ass wingnut homeschooler trying to get into Harvard after having taken classes like "Cell Biology and Jesus", "Why God Made Calculus", and "The Physics of Heaven" from their mom.

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I can see that there are posts that have been made to my community, but when I go straight to the community they are not visible to me. I have "Show Read Posts" toggled on, my language selection is "Undetermined", the community's language selection is "Undetermined". What am I doing wrong? Is this a bug, or is there a selection I'm missing?

Also, can someone explain what "Warning: If you deselect Undetermined, you will not see most content." means and why it's necessary?

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Noob mod here. Zero experience with the fediverse, so go easy on me.

This post: https://lemmy.world/post/421577

Doesn't show up on https://lemmy.world/c/collegebasketball when I visit the community.

Why can't I see it? Am I just missing something incredibly obvious, do I have a setting wrong, or is there something I need to do to approve the post so it's visible within the community? Or is it visible to you and I'm just an idiot?

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A place for all things college basketball.

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