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Recently stumbled across a thread where someone recommended the cool NeverTooManyBooks app for helping track one's book collection, and was wondering if there might be similar for other media.

Other media being anything from movies to music to games. I know a lot has gone digital of late, but if anyone's still buying physical, it's the collectors, so I'd hope there might be more apps to help in this regard.

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For Games I use Stash, Movies Letterboxd

[-] [email protected] 2 points 3 months ago

I use Trakt for movies and TV. It has an official app now, but there are third party apps with more features if you need them

[-] [email protected] 2 points 3 months ago

I recently used the Libib app to catalog my CD, video game, and DVD/Blu-ray collections. It worked really well. I also like that I can log in to a web browser on my computer to access my collections.

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@ALostInquirer For books I use Calibre on my computer and I've recently started to use Bookwyrm in exchange to Goodreads (although pretty much all my friends use the latter).

For Music I use Discogs (for physical media) and maybe Bandcamp (for digitally owned media? idk, I just download them and use whatever music player I have on each device)

For movies I started using Letterboxd, recently migrated from IMDb, but it seems that not all movies are there yet, idk.

For photos, on my phone I use Google Photos without a Google account (I'm no longer syncing to them since they removed the unlimited backup feature). But Aves is also a great option which allows you to edit tags.

Never bothered about games tbh.

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