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We're not going to be able to fix these people. The only hope we have is to outlast them.

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Just when you thought it was safe to back into the pew.

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It should surprise no one that Dominionist Mike Johnson's change of heart on Ukraine was bought by suggesting to him that it could serve his religious agenda.

We lost a great man today (whyevolutionistrue.com)
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Daniel Dennett, philosopher, atheist, and one of the tongue-in-cheek "Horsemen" of atheism, died today. He was 82.

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Surveillance cameras showed a man walk up to the building soon after 4 a.m. on April 8 wearing a face covering, tactical vest and gloves, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the FBI. The man then ignited an improvised explosive device, threw it at the main entrance then ran away. The bomb partially detonated, resulting in some minor fire damage, authorities said.

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The bottom line is that Christian nationalism takes on different forms, and despite organizational or even ideological differences, ideas can penetrate the often porous borders between different camps. Someone who receives the daily email blast from the Family Research Council might also be drawn to Wolfe’s book, for example. On a more unnerving, macro level, major right-wing and GOP figures, including Marjorie Taylor Greene and the CEO of the Daily Wire, the podcast consortium run by conservative influencer Ben Shapiro, have embraced the rabidly antisemitic, Hitler-admiring antagonist Nick Fuentes, who is Catholic but also is accurately described as a Christian nationalist. The increasingly influential Catholic integralist movement, which seeks a Catholic-inflected replacement for the “liberal order,” is yet another unique form of Christian nationalism.

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...In 2022, Stephen Wolfe (no relation to William) published a book called “The Case for Christian Nationalism.” The book was published by Canon Press, a publishing house that began as a ministry of Wilson’s church. Stephen K. Bannon, the Trump adviser, reportedly had a copy of the book stacked on his table.

In the book, Wolfe lays out a vision that veers very far into the fantastic — he rails against the advancement of women over the past several decades by using the term “gynocracy,” and describes both the Obergefell decision and the 1965 immigration reform which abolished quotas on national origin as an “imperial imposition.” One chapter, called “The Christian Prince,” advocates for a “measured and theocratic caesarism.” Wolfe has suggested that he’s playing a somewhat coy game here, using “prince” to refer not necessarily to a monarch, but possibly to the aggregate form of American governmental power. Whatever it is, in his version of Christian nationalism the prince would promote “national self-love and a manly, moral liberty.”

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Pity the poor unseen majority who shove their religion in our faces every day. Won't someone think of them?

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It's easy to roll one's eyes as the self-serving dramatics of MAGA voters using false claims of victimhood as cover for their ugly views. But, as the threatening language in Greene's tweet shows, this "woe is us" act is deeply dangerous. The hyperbolic conspiracy theories and dehumanizing language serve to convince Republican voters that religious liberty and democracy are simply values they can no longer afford to hold. The message is Christians are so "under siege" that the only way to fight back is by stripping everyone else of basic rights.

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They have money, they have influence, they have charisma, and they have technical expertise. And they're using to pursue a theocratic America, even if they have to kill anyone who gets in their way.

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Could Trump's attempt to pander to evangelicals backfire? We can only hope.

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It took me seconds to find video proving this is a lie.

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That's why they've been stacking the courts with conservative activists for so long, so they could get a majority that would go along with these paper-thin justifications for completely changing our society from the top down.

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It can't die fast enough.

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Folks, it's important to remember that Tuberville isn't just being an ass about abortion. He's using that as cover. This is in preparation for Project 2025.


The Heritage Foundation – which has produced a blueprint for a Trump second term, the 2025 Transition Project, which includes firing the entire federal civil service and replacing it with Trump loyalists, and invoking the Insurrection Act on day one of Trump II to deploy the military against political dissidents – has evidently been behind Tuberville’s attack on the military. It circulated a letter of several far-right ex-military figures to Senate leaders demanding that they “Support Senator Tuberville’s Fight Against Woke Military”, which they denounced for “advancing the leftwing social agenda”.

Heritage published an article by one of its fellows claiming that Tuberville is the “one man” standing in the way of a dastardly conspiracy led by Biden: “Replacing the officer class of police and military ranks with politicized ideologues who will bend to a transformative dogma is a strategy that has worked in places like the Soviet Union, Cuba and Venezuela … Tuberville, thus, is stopping the promotion of woke apparatchiks.” Like Trump, the Heritage cadres project their own scheme on to their enemies.

[Emphasis mine]

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“We recognize that an abortion has two victims: obviously, the unborn child, and the other victim is the woman who’s the birth mother, who probably got talked into abortion by a boyfriend, a friend, a mother, a grandmother, maybe a father,” Huckabee said.

This betrays a staggering misunderstanding of the issue....

If I may present another hypothesis: this isn't a misunderstanding. It's a deliberate lie, a misrepresentation of the real issue to try to hide the fact that they know how sadistic their demands are and they're not willing to be honest about it.

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Can we please stop obsessing over the polls when we still have a full year of campaigning to get through? Let's at least hold off until Super Tuesday, okay?

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Is this supposed to be a feel-good story of the little guy working within the system?

No. The story admits that early on. It's yet another expose on how crooked the system is so that even one of the elite have to fight to get the treatment that their doctor recommends.

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If you suspect a witness of being an accessory to a crime, then of course a competent prosecutor would "set up" that witness to jeopardize themselves. Admitting to a crime isn't a defense against prosecution.

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Pfft. She's not sorry. She's sorry she couldn't bully her way through it. She doesn't belong in public office, not even as a village dog catcher.

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The Narcissist's Prayer:

“That didn’t happen.
And if it did, it wasn’t that bad.
And if it was, that’s not a big deal.
And if it is, that’s not my fault.
And if it was, I didn’t mean it.
And if I did, you deserved it.”

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Okay. If this was an example of influence peddling, let's pursue it. Let's also investigate the billions of dollars the Saudis invested into Kushner while he was operating from the White House.

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Their agenda is to grind the government to a halt and destroy public faith in the institution. That's been their agenda all along. They campaigned on the premise that our government is broken, and they've been actively trying to break it since they were elected. This has been the core Republican strategy since the 1950s.

Once they think they can get away with it, they'll sell off the government's functions to private interests because they feel that government should only exist to maintain an army and police force to enforce their property rights.

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