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I still miss gnome 2, before gnome shell was a thing..

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Shotcut is amazing I still use it for work on a daily basis.

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What are the most promising projects/services aiming at making self hosting easier for everyone?

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I do a lot of text editing for work and there are some phrases that I have to type frequently. What's the best way to quickly paste those phrases into a document using a shortcut or keyword? I mainly use Kwrite and Kate as i prefer plain text editors and need no formatting.

x86 questions (self.openwrt)
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I've converted my Asus PN40 mini pc into an openwrt router. Everything seems to be working fine. But since the pc has only one ethernet port I'm using a noname USB to ethernet converter as the second NIC for WAN. Is there a better solution? Are proper USB ethernet adapters a thing? Preferably with Intel chip?

Also i can't get the PC's intel 9000 series wireless chip to work in AP mode. I have hooked an old edimax repeater to the lan port as wifi AP but it's a wireless N device.

Should i invest on a better AP? My ISP connection is capped at 300mbs. Can you recommend a cheap wifi 6 AP?

Also I have 2 internet connections.

Is it a good idea use the wifi in client mode, connect to the first internet through wifi and bond its internet connection with the wired wan?

Thanks for you help in advance.

Charging speed issue (self.askandroid)
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I own a Motorola Edge 20 Pro. It came with a 30 Watt Turbopower charger. However when I test the charging speed with the app Ampere I'm getting around 3 amps (max) and four volts with the stock charger.

Is this mormal?

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I know Debian and others can breathe life into older machines. But i wonder if there are any distros with serious optimizations that I haven't heard of. I've already tried MX Linux on an old Thinkpad SL400, and didn't see any difference from plain Debian.

Update: thanks for the great suggestions. Forgot to say many distros feel zippy and fast until you open a web browser. Appreciate your thoughts on which web browser to use too. So far I've had a positive experience with Thorium and Chromium.

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Is it possible? Can proxies somehow "advertise" themselves the way some media services or printers do?

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Wasn't this fixed finally a while ago? I swear i read somewhere it was.

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Focalboard is an open source, self-hosted alternative to Trello, Notion, and Asana.

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I really like gnome and how it looks. However every time I try it I find myself in need of more functionality and so I install a bunch of extensions. For example I can't live without a dock and some sort of system tray that shows which apps are running in background.

Sometimes the extensions have small UI inconsistencies or use more memory than usual. That's why I totally ditched gnome and switch to KDE.

Also I tend to think it's been designed for people who are more comfortable using a keyboard. I'm mostly a mouse person.

Do any of you run pure gnome with no extensions? How do you cope with the lack of a dock and system tray?

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As a genera rule avoid Nvidia. Also google the fingerprint sensor and wifi model before buying. General advice like "Thinkpads are fully linux compatible" is rubbish. Take your time to Google all idiosyncrasies of your desired model.

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Lynx launcher has the best implementation of swipe down to search, the closest I've seen to iPhone's Spotlight search.

Both search and app drawer are loaded extremely spoothly and seamlessly.

The launcher is also very lightweight and custmomizable especially if you buy the paid version.

Another cool feature is that it supports vertical dock.

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Many of us have numerous apps installed on our smartphones, and a significant portion of them go unused.

For me, the reason behind this accumulation of apps is that whenever I come across an interesting one on platforms like Reddit or YouTube, I tend to install it immediately, holding onto the hope that I may use it in the future. The consequence of this habit is that my phone becomes cluttered with a graveyard of forgotten apps, occupying valuable storage space, consuming bandwidth, and draining battery life.

One potential solution that has crossed my mind is the concept of "app bookmarking" or virtual installations. Play store can add a button for this type of installation. Bookmarked apps would be distinguishable in the app drawer, with their icons present while the app itself is not actually installed. They would remain dormant until needed, at which point they would be automatically downloaded and launched.

Please note that this idea differs from instant apps in its approach. Basically you would only install the icon of the app and place it wherever you want (on home screen, in folders, etc.) but it's not there until you actually decide to open it.

What do you think?

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1.It doesn't support DoH 2.It's set per connection, not system-wide. If you connect to another wifi network you have to set dns again.

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If I use ubuntu I'm somehow forced to use them.

Even on Fedora the average user is presented with many flatpak results when they use the GUI software manager. Not everyone is technically adept enough to check the origin of the app. So it's kind of being forced on users.

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All XFCE needs is better defaults in terms of aesthetics.

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I wish someday self-hosting anything (not just Lemmy) becomes as easy as installing an app. Self-hosting doesn't need to be a nerd thing.

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Voyager is almost identical to Apollo. A joy to use.

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Fedora. Switched after years of Ubuntu and never looked back.

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I never found out what's wrong with APT.

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