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Instance Rules

Be respectful. Everyone should feel welcome here.

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Not necessarily. Torrent is a way to find a peer for direct connection or via a relay (of course that is more than that). Syncthing, even using a relay server, requires some ports available for at least outbound connection (22000 TCP/UDP or whatever port the relay is using). This should not be possible in a medium security network, let alone a defense network. I don't know if syncthing works without a direct connection (to the peer or relay, something like transport via http proxy).

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Honestly, I didn't think about vulnerability in SyncThing when I read the article. But I wondered why defense forces would have p2p open on their networks.

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Please note that the attack can only be carried out if the local network itself is compromised.

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Hackers 10 - 1 LastPass

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From the article:

Microsoft locked down a server last month that exposed Microsoft employee passwords, keys and credentials to the open Internet, as the company faces growing pressure to strengthen the security of its software. Microsoft was notified of the vulnerability on February 6th and the block on March 5th. It is unclear whether anyone accessed the exposed server during this period.

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In this particular case, the method of infection of the router was not disclosed. However, typically, the most common methods involve an open administration port to the internet (user interface or TR-069) or through the internal interface, in case a network host has been compromised.

They often perform brute-force password attacks, and once access is obtained, they look for typical Linux administrative tools (such as bash, etc.) and proceed to compromise the router.

So I understand that a router with custom firmware can be compromised if it has a weak password and resources to maintain the infection, or of course, a vulnerability that is exploitable.

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Stop giving me your toughest battles

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From the text:

Now, attackers breach a user's mobile account with stolen, brute-forced, or leaked credentials and initiate porting the victim's number to another device on their own. They can do this by generating a QR code through the hijacked mobile account that can be used to activate a new eSIM. They then scan it with their device, essentially hijacking the number.

No need for social engineering.

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The shoemaker's son always goes barefoot.

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A better summary:

The text discusses a series of cybersecurity breaches affecting Microsoft, involving sensitive data theft from US government officials and organizations, attributed to Chinese hackers. Microsoft's delayed response to discovered security flaws, including a 90-day wait for a partial fix, is criticized. Senator Ron Wyden has called for Microsoft's accountability. The breaches underscore the growing issue of security vulnerabilities in tech companies, leading to expectations that the US government will require companies to promptly disclose security incidents within a strict timeframe.

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