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I'm doing good. Ready to go to work, and then make a Valentine day card for my friend

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When I was 8 I was playing tag in the pool, and my friend jumped in after me to tag me, and his teeth collided with me skull. I had to get staples. He didn't have a single break, lost tooth, or chip in his mouth

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Atleast the Tonsils 👉👈UwU

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I'm doing good myself. Just stayed in today. Didn't do anything fancy. It was nice

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There, changed it. Still feel like checking in on people. Hopefully everyone is OK

How's everyone doing? Rule (lemmy.blahaj.zone)
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Hey everyone. Emily here. Pronouns are She/They. How is everyone doing? How's life been treating everyone? I Hope everyone Is ok. Take care please. Get some sleep, drink water, and Love yourself for me please :3

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It's a multi faceted blame. Yes, you blame the hardware that's helped used to commit the crime, then you blame the people using it to commit the crime, then you blame the people still allowing it to be done. Look at America for example. People use guns to kill children in schools. Then you blame the person for committing the crime, then you blame the politicians who refuse to make it harder to get a gun

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Just wait for the next World War. Canada will have it's revenge

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He can fry himself

Spoingbøb rule (lemmy.blahaj.zone)
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Kinda gay ngl


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