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My take on this is simple.

All that Money, Apple used what i can only presume to be mountainous sums of money to lawyers...to do a "miss me with that regulation"

dont forget to round up for charity on your next purchase from a multi million dollar company

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We saw the footage live. is he dumb? more angles of the same event doesn't change that it happened when it shouldn't have

and honestly that's kinda fucked up. a lot of those capital officers committed suicide. you're just going to watch videos of people who are already in jail or not with us any longer.

tactless, cowardly. might as well upload em to Kaotic.com. just more material to hang on humanity's wall of shame

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"The physics package contained within the B83 has been studied for use in asteroid impact avoidance strategies against any seriously threatening near earth asteroids. Six such warheads, configured for the maximum 1.2 megatonnes of TNT (5.0 PJ), would be deployed by maneuvering space vehicles to "knock" an asteroid off course, should it pose a risk to the Earth.[10]"

...If you have even half the comprehension to understand that amount of force. fuck...that's a lot of damage.

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"Shes not a woman, she is a literal piece of flare, FOR MY Institution REEEEE"

Excuse me, Real Life? pump the brakes.

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literally 90% of human history has gone unrecorded, and what has been recorded usually gets destroyed, ransacked or deliberately destroyed, Caligula's pleasure barges, Tower of Babel, Library of Alexander. Humans have tried to keep knowledge retained. and some people take that personally.

remember when ISIS was at its peak they were just destroying artifacts like it was a kid in a candy store. And that's just been in the 35 years I've been alive.

when Rome fell it took another century for civilization to rediscover the technology and applied lessons used then.

and im a dumb idiot, I'm just making a broad skim, if you could ask a historian they'd likely tell you all the things humans have lost, purposefully destroyed or forgotten along the way.

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Tucker and Dale vs Evil

[-] [email protected] 71 points 5 months ago

such a todd move, always with a shit eating grin. "Oh you can't run our game? jeez, have you tried not being poor?"

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I'm partially impressed Desantis 1. had the gall to show up. 2. was likely expecting not to get booed. Plz someone get this clown out of my state and exile him to one of those plastic islands out in the center of most Seas

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competition. You like Brand A? and dislike Brand B? both are owned by C

[-] [email protected] 65 points 6 months ago

the guy is unraveling, every public appearance his tone and verbage become more desperate as journalists pick apart his garbage. but you know what he won't consider? stopping, going home and maybe focusing on his own life instead of worrying about how he can manipulate all of ours.

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Zelensky didn't want the job either but he packed up his actor clothes and has so far been putting on a damn fine leadership show. I can imagine plenty of wealthier families are trying to dodge. who wouldn't...10k seems low for bargaining ones potential life. not that any of this or that in ukraine is good right now. I just hope zelensky's soul isn't so blackened that he turns this into a teaching moment rather than punishment.

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Imagine not being able to return 'home' because you took your hat off. 🤔

I hope her friends and family wont catch any retribution for her 'escaping' shitty islamic justice

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