[-] wieli99@sh.itjust.works 18 points 9 months ago

You think this more likely than just creating a bigger artificial difference between the standard and normal model?

[-] wieli99@sh.itjust.works 26 points 9 months ago* (last edited 9 months ago)

Honestly I'm more sick of hearing of Musk by now. At least with Trump there's a sadistic part to me that keeps wondering how low reps can go, but with Musk, I'm just sick of him. I don't care about his little tantrums at all and every little shit gets hundreds of upvotes.

[-] wieli99@sh.itjust.works 21 points 9 months ago

Not even close. They disallow targeted add for minors. That means that ads can still be shown, but not tailored ones for kids.


[-] wieli99@sh.itjust.works 10 points 9 months ago

Also kämpferisch kann ich bei dem Ausdruck nicht erkennen. Sieht für mich eher nach dem öffentlich furzen aber er will nicht ganz raus Ausdruck aus.

[-] wieli99@sh.itjust.works 14 points 9 months ago

At least in Europe, Gamescom is by far the most well known gaming con and has been for years.

I believe with E3 shutting down, it should now also be the biggest and most impactful worldwide

[-] wieli99@sh.itjust.works 15 points 9 months ago* (last edited 9 months ago)

Yes! As well as "Only ever use hardened ~~Firefox~~ Librewolf and Duckduckgo, every other product is the literal devil"

[-] wieli99@sh.itjust.works 40 points 9 months ago* (last edited 9 months ago)

I truly do not understand how so many people still fall for apple's pr strat. It's almost like a cult for some, when there's been competition in the premium market segment for over a decade now, that offers products that are at least as good as apple's...

[-] wieli99@sh.itjust.works 9 points 9 months ago

I think every generation has things they're good and bad at. I also think every generation forgets how bad they were at certain things at a younger age. So I believe they'll be fine.

[-] wieli99@sh.itjust.works 21 points 9 months ago

Can you elaborate on that? European housing is built with a lot of focus on insulation and heat control, what are you referring to?

[-] wieli99@sh.itjust.works 15 points 9 months ago

Someone recommended Kagi here, and tho it isn't free, it's the only engine I've found so far that can legitimately consistently outperform google

[-] wieli99@sh.itjust.works 15 points 9 months ago

Not really, if characters start to like you, they will sort of ask you out (invite you to a dance etc.), you can decline and it's over. If you accept you can get a bit of romantic bonus content, but you're not missing out on anything essential.

[-] wieli99@sh.itjust.works 20 points 9 months ago

As a European, I consider Trump hard right, as I do the AFD aswell. Just because it's become more mainstream doesn't mean it's no longer hard imo

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