This is epic (hexbear.net)
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I don’t even know if I should try to be witty. The image is perfect on its own.

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Just turn any round Japanese food object into a hamburger. It’s not hard.

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The only good news for me are related to labor and political gains. Every other “positive news” is just someone saving a kitty from a tree or meemaw being able to afford surgery after her entire family sold their kidneys

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One of those rich, fake job having pseudo intellectual who sit around pondering about life inside their mansion/luxury condo

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The note taker’s name? Stephen Curry

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Biden should arrest everyone at the Tankie propaganda rag CNN

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These are the same people calling you tankie for explaining why Russia has interests in Ukraine joining NATO lol

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I find solace in the fact that Yakubian devils will piss and shit their pants when their old man isn’t elected. Here’s to at least one suicide from a brunch liberal bougie-wink

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Missed opportunity for the GOP to bring up that the democrats created the KKK and supported the confederacy and cause infighting among the voters who are pro confederate and the ones who think democrats invented racism

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I also like how US flag is first because the list is alphabetized and it’s referred to as “America,” and also ‘Am’ is lower than ‘Al’ (as in Albania) in the alphabet, yet Albania is second on the list lol

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undereducated fucks like her get away with making jews who have the fucking temerity to care about group safety while also understanding that israel is perpetrating evil.

Am I illiterate or did this guy not finish his sentence? What does she get away with?

(Tankie Destin Legaire)


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The entrance has a sign with an age requirement, and it lists an age for all 50 states for some odd reason.

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You get arrested for weed. They get a vacation mistaking an acorn for gunshots and shooting at an unarmed civilian

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After January 6, My boss came up to me and said “sorry but I can’t have you working anymore. You’re too white.” I told him I was 5% Cherokee but he said just kept calling me a cracker even though he was also white. While being escorted out by the security (who are now muscular Latina women due to affirmative action), I made eye contact with my boss as he was getting arrested for “anti diversity subversion.”

The Biden Junta decided to take advantage of the new tyrannical fervor from his supporters by unleashing the Swiftie Red Guard onto the population. They’ve been going around smashing important pieces of white culture like Cracker Barrel, confederate statues, and Starbucks. I saw a white woman getting executed for making spaghetti tacos back in 2017.

My wife cheated on me because she was “disgusted” that I have European ancestry even though she immigrated from Germany 5 months ago. I begged her to stay and even offered to sit on a cuck chair but she refused.

My daughter disowned me for being an “oppressor” and banished me and my son to sleep in the shed while she and her friends sing “revolutionary music” like “Blank Space.”

I thought that as long as my son still loved me, I wasn’t truly alone. But he got a DNA test (possibly fraudulent?) that stated he was 95% Russian and 5% Sioux. The Biden regime declared that Russians are not white until 2027, so my son has abandoned me because my ancestry is 95% English.

I’m so alone and lost bros. I can’t even listen to my favorite music to cope because every station is now just Tupac and Taylor Swift. Is it over bros?

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The black people twitter sub is a mixture of jokes and culture and politics, white people twitter is just crackers scolding you for not voting for other crackers

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My parents tossed away their ballots and basically saying ‘what’s the point? The walls have already closed on Trump.’

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