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In steps, and you kinda drive onto it

Not great for mobile operation, however 😬

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SIM card tracks location and sells it too

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That isn’t what you’re getting with any cell phone?

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A choice they are making in favor of a tech cartel instead of what is best for their customers, which is the problem we want addressed

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No it doesn’t, because it’s generally monitor manufacturers that add display port, and people who want to run on large tvs are SoL

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The way I solved this problem is by using an https://invidious.io/ instance.

Logins are easy to create, so you can have one for each subscription set you want to create

Private by default, so not even the fingerprint scripts are monitoring you

And the subscriptions page lists just your subscriptions in order of most recently released, nothing else shoved in

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Probably the same reason you’d recommend c++ instead of Python to a new developer.

Yes, they’ll learn Python faster, but with c++ they’ll learn programming faster simply due to how much Python does on the programmers behalf.

There are valid arguments for both sides

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garuda is one I’ve been playing with recently, and have been very pleased with

It’s built on arch, so not the most beginner friendly base, but they add all my favorite tweaks into the base install. Including fish as the default shell which is more beginner friendly imo

And it’s built and optimized for gaming and comes with all the needed software and drivers pre installed, so even less tinkering required to get it working.

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Let’s take a moment and acknowledge that it was never hard to make searches private.

It’s just that doing that requires trusting a company not to fuck with you behind the scenes and sell you out, and ensuring that doesn’t happen is fucking hard

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So, what, people are only allowed to like your content? Can’t possibly be shit posts or anything like that, clearly it’s just all the downvoters who are wrong.

OR a downvote is as meaningful as an upvote, and it’s pretty childish to complain about them. (Especially considering that many instances don’t even count or display them)

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Refusing rust and wasm is a signal you don’t care about code quality or security

See? You can keep playing that game all the way down to the most onerous language

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and imagines herself as a rapist, and is proud of it (per her posted content)

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