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Is this why older men make lude jokes at me like they’re expecting me to join in? And talk shit about their wives and say, “you know how it is”???? I don’t know how to interact with older men except some of you who I know are older but whom I will respectfully not tag. Isn’t being AMAB but not knowing how to interact with older men a common thing for transfemmes? Someone send assistance

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It’s really hard to live under the delusion at this point that Israel is making Jews safer, either domestically or abroad.

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Yeah, the amount of child corpses I’ve seen in the past couple days alone is insane

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Getting more aid trucks in doesn’t matter if the IDF just guns down everyone waiting in line to receive the aid. What a fucking joke.

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Yeah Trump is a contrarian, not a dove

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I see the woke time police are out in full force

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It's 80% more expensive to be able to afford a home compared to 2020

I got a 3% raise this year. They called it a “cost of living” raise. My ass.

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Making it work on Hexbear might be dangerous. Transphobes would literally start getting Death Noted. Wait actually….

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I think in the US we are going to quickly find that the inflated prices of housing reflect the evergreen wealth of stolen land, not of the houses that were shoddily built on them. In my experience, people do as little as possible to take care of their homes and after 30 years of negligence and bandaids, it shows. What’s the point of having land that costs a ton in taxes if the house built on it is in shambles? Just another debt trap to pay for repairs.

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My parents’ home will likely be seized by whatever nursing home they end up at to cover their end of life costs

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A lot of the syntax is fun, especially pattern matching and error handling. I’m convinced that the way Rust handles traits is the way all languages should handle polymorphism (Allowing you to add methods onto builtin types without polluting the global state? Yes please). The borrow checker is frustrating at times because the set of safe programs is larger than the set of programs written in rust without the use of unsafe. So there can be things you know will work in theory that just won’t compile. But it’s ultimately a fun language to learn.

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I keep getting content where people are complaining about “goth” being treated as an aesthetic rather than a style associated with a musical scene. On one hand, I get it. I believe we have our resident punk who does something similar with how watered down that term has become. On the other hand, this isn’t something that should be morally blamed on individual “posers”. It’s the result of capitalism in the Information Age. Short interactions and low-overhead context switching means all interactions are biased towards being processed as brand interactions, where everything is about initial impressions and recognizability. In a very literal sense, there’s nothing outside of familiarity that can make people associate gothic dress with gothic music. And familiarity is a scarce commodity. Aesthetics under capitalism are merely the visual aspects of market demographics.

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Least passive aggressive brit

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There's a man on my train this morning, and he's listening to stuff out loud on his phone, like fully out loud, not even slightly subtle. The train is in Britain. He keeps listening to 5 seconds of an annoying song, then switching to another song. It sort of sounds like kids TV music. He appears dressed to go work in a fancy office or something, and this is a morning commuter train, so I don't think he's escaped from a prison or mental hospital.

Anyway, amongst myself and another couple of hundred quiet passengers, we've tried everything:

  • tutting and rolling our eyes
  • harrumphing, whingeing and sighing
  • when a bloke got on the train with headphones on, someone said loudly "Isn't it great when someone wears headphones? They can listen to whatever they like and nobody else has to hear it"
  • sometimes it stops for a minute, and there's a widespread muttering of "Ooh, thank god that's over with"
  • followed by an en-masse groan when it starts again "Oh no, not this again!"
  • a lady on the phone saying loudly "Sorry, I can't hear what you're saying, because someone is being inconsiderate and playing music really loudly"
  • saying to one another, loudly enough for the man to hear "isn't it annoying when someone plays their music out loud? I wish he'd stop doing that"
  • muttering aggressive words, under our breath, in his general direction "prick", "wanker" "knobhead", "bellend"
  • Someone getting onto the train, and not sitting at his table and saying "God, I'd rather stand than sit next to that prick", loud enough for him to hear.
  • the ticket-checking man rolled his eyes, but didn't do anything

I think generally we're running out of ideas. I heard someone behind me mentioning they were thinking about "sparking him out", and someone else had suggested they might grab his phone and throw it out the window.

I was toying with the idea of going nuclear on him, and directly but politely asking him to turn it down, but it's a bit early for that kind of extreme behaviour. Perhaps I should throw something at his head?

Anyway, anyone who's been in a similar situation have any suggestions?

[Update] The train got full, so people were standing all the way down the aisle. Three people sat on the table next to him.

Opposite him, an older woman stared at him and shook her head at him, in a gesture I interpreted as "I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed". He put his phone in his pocket and stared out the window. I gave her the subtlest of nods, to communicate "thank you" and "good job".

So we're safe, this time - but I'm still interested in solutions, as something like this could happen again!

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No opinion. Head empty. blob-no-thoughts

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I’d like to write more but I don’t tend to like my writing for longer than ten minutes after I’ve written it. I’ve gone through the process of putting in my 10k hours in music and gone through the motions of attempting to build a professional music career, so I generally understand that the sucking phase lasts a long time. I also know a lot of it is jumping into the routine of writing every day. Just curious to see what people have to say.

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I’ve run across cis women making comments like this way too many times for it to not be A Thing. Usually it’s a reason given for them not being a lesbian. Something like, “I love boobs but vaginas are gross”. I’ve also seen it as a reason to not date trans men, but I feel like there’s something going on beyond standard genital preference discourse and the transphobia attached to that. Can someone explain this or am I just being weird?

Disco time (hexbear.net)
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This is a callout (hexbear.net)
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Dog kinda looks like Marx, too

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Facebook enshitified its events platform years ago but for a long time it was a great tool for organizing events of any kind. Our value as a species comes from our ability to make social connections and social media is a middle man for that ability. I’d say the same thing about Uber and the like, because the means of production are socialized by the respective companies’ algorithms. Those means of organization are what’s creating their ability to make a profit.

Yes I am drunk, why?

frfr (hexbear.net)
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