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The identity of a top-ranking police officer accused of crashing his car in Sydney while drunk will remain suppressed for 40 years after a court agreed to an unprecedented secrecy push by NSW Police.

The public can’t be told the detective inspector’s name, identity, details of his close ties to the top echelons of the force – or even the reason for the secrecy – only that it is to “protect the safety” of somebody else. ...

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Sure, I'll say it again: Great fun for cops and TV news, but no stolen car is worth the danger of a police chase.

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Firefox, or Mozilla, continues to be the only browser (at least among the biggies) that's for the users, not the trackers and marketers.

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Hadn't thought of that, and it makes sense. Thanks.

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Almost nobody says it out loud, but it is.

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Anyone else gets shived in prison — it happens often, every day — and nobody gives a damn, but when a cop gets stabbed, questions are raised.

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Like Trump, Santos never told the truth about anything, but remember that a majority of Republicans in the House, 112 of 222, voted not to expel him.

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Cell phones, too.

It's easy to forget because things suck so much, but definitely, things used to suck worse.

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We're an anarcho-syndicalist commune, we take turns to act as a sort of executive officer for the week.

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I've long been a fan, too. Maggie does great work, and belongs in our sidebar. Gimme a few minutes. :)

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Certainly, and one can hope. It's just that when someone not-a-cop does something similar, the charges are usually all listed in one rather long paragraph, in the first news release/coverage.

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The first thing to remember is that most TV news coverage of police incidents, life this one, are based on police press releases. For additional perspective, WKYC also quotes the Fraternal Order of Police, and inserts a supportive press release from the Mayor-Elect's office. Not everything's in there, but everything there is from one perspective.

It's the official story, and for those who choose to believe official stories, it's The End. If you're convinced this was a righteous kill, that was the intent.

When cops speak, especially cops after a questionable incident, they are at least as likely to be lying as Donald Trump. From decades digging into police misconduct, I believe next-to-nothing from cops but unedited & unredacted bodycam video, or footage filmed by bystanders.

For a different perspective, start with the family's lawsuit PDF, here., which casts doubt that Mr Walker fired even a single shot toward officers, who soon fired more than 90 shots at him, by eight cops aiming at an unarmed man.

I don't know how many bullets an Akron standard-issue police gun holds; if it's they're less than 12-shooters, some officers would've needed to reload.

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They didn't kill him for his name.

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So true. There's no easier way to win an election in most of the USA than by appealing to our basest cro-magnon instincts. All of America's gravest problems are intertwined around that ugly fact.

A question, since you've been in those rooms for those discussions: Is there anyone else in the room who, in your opinion, honestly gives a damn about justice in the justice industry?

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Sounds like a shit-storm indeed, as outsourcing almost always is. And nowhere in the calculations is any concern about the people jailed, people who have no health care except what's provided. It's not a worry because the people we're paying to run prisons and jails all hate the inmates, and face no consequences when they're sick or dead.

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